How To Parental Control App Help to Keep Bullies off Kids Phones

ew Technology to Keep Bullies off Kids Phones
New Technology to Keep Bullies off Kids Phones

Cyberworld – The new playground for bullies!

Bullying is an abnormal, often aggressive behavior towards a soft target. Bullies can be physical or verbal, visible or invisible, and violent or silent predators.

Cybercrime is a common term in today’s technological world; bullying is just another less violent crime adopted by kids in the online world. So, are there ways to protect your kids?

Yes, Best Parental Control App for Android devices is available at your kid’s rescue. Let us introduce you to cyberbullying and venture into possible solutions.

What is cyberbullying?

Firstly, if you have not been a target of a bully, you are definitely lucky! Getting bullied is traumatizing and emotionally breaking.

Bullying is not a new behavior we have come across. Social media and online chat rooms have just expanded their outreach.

Cyberbullying is a humiliating and insulting behavior driven by online platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr, etc. Kids harass, threaten, abuse or body shame other kids via online portals.

Repeatedly targeting a single person leads to nervousness and ultimately results in depression.

This occurs typically with and by kids. However, if the execution of notorious actions is done by adults, in that case, it can be categorized under a criminal offense of harassment or stalking.

At times, cyberbullying is identified easily through social media posts and texting. Kids may come to parents or teachers to report such activities. However, many kids tend to hide a cyberbullying situation thinking of the embarrassing consequences it may have.

How do you know your kids are being bullied?

Bullying may not sound very dangerous initially. The consequences of bullying are actually severe. Kids show initial signs of sadness and nervousness which eventually turns into depression and self-remorse.

Yet it is imperative to catch signs of bullying your kids are facing. Check some basic signs your kids might show if they are being bullied :

1. Loss of appetite

2. Withdrawal from family and friends

3. Avoid social gathering

4. Get restless after a phone call or texting session

5. Awkwardness in the presence of school friends

6. Show restlessness and anxiousness

7. Always seem to be in dire need of advice

8. Avoid questions regarding social life or computers

9. Withdrawal from the cell phone or other networking devices

Watch out for these signs if your kids use digital devices!

Adverse effects of Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is a very embarrassing and insulting form of harassment. Most kids are at a crossroads where they are unable to make the right decision. Very often kids get restless and try to find a way out of the situation alone. Some significant impacts of getting bullied are listed here:

1. Always in a state of anxiety and restlessness

2. Intake of sleeping pills and anxiety pills

3. Require medical help for depression

4. Loneliness and helplessness

5. Risk of getting suicidal thoughts

What precautionary steps can parents take?

Cyberbullying has expanded its limit from school corridors to social media chatrooms. Parents can barely be present everywhere, yet it falls under their responsibility to make sure their kids are safe and secure.

We will like to send out a couple of friendly suggestions to parents to handle cyberbullying in a much smarter way.

1. Limited smartphone use

It all starts with receiving a smartphone. Your kids’ demand may never be ending, but will you provide them with all of it? No, right?

Do not provide a smartphone to your kid unless it is indispensable (which we doubt it will be).

Assuming they need a smartphone, why not have a public device for your kids. Do not encourage a private cell phone!

Having a private cell phone limits auditing your kids’ devices and increases the chances of getting bullied.

2. Talk, Talk and Talk!

There is absolutely no replacement for talking and educating your kids about the cyber world and its monsters.

Introducing jargon and cybercrimes at the right time will prove to be very useful for your kids.

3. Block unknown people

As parents, you can always block unknown numbers and bullies from your kids’ devices. Neither will they receive incoming calls and outgoing calls. Bit Guardian Parental control app will help you in blocking these numbers without messing with your kid’s good contacts.

4. Learn about your kids

Do you indulge in a one-to-one talk with your kid? Have you tried asking your kids to shower details about their social media life?

Be casual and non-judgemental but do inquire about their digital lives often. The more they talk about their social media life and digital activities, it will give you an indication at the right time when they are getting bullied.

5. Take help of a Counsellor

If your kids are unable to open up to you, professional help is always available. Consult a counselor to provide support to your child.

Taking professional help in case of a cyberbullying incident is highly advisable to help your kid bring back his/her self-confidence.

6. Smartphone apps

Without a single strand of doubt, we will request all parents to download a parental control app. The parental control app is a must, right from the time your kid starts using a cell phone.

Do not start using the app abruptly, your kids may or may not take this change positively.

All parents can save their kids from cyberbullies, only small and simple measures are required to protect them.

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Sow seeds today, reap blessings tomorrow!

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