6 Web Hosting Security Features You Should Not Overlook

Web Hosting Security

The very fact that your site is exposed to the world means that it could be an easy target for hackers. Once compromised, it could lead to hacking and data leaks, which are no good at all. It could cause your rankings and reputation to suffer.  To keep your website information secure, you should consider … Read more

10 Steps to Cybersecurity with IASME Certification


With IASME certification, you can lead your business in the right direction with the right level of security. However, most of the people are still unaware of how they can implement cybersecurity with IASME certification. If you are one of them, let’s look at the following official ten steps to ensure cybersecurity with IASME certification: … Read more

Symantec Integrated Cyber Defense Exchange Helps to Simplify Integrations Across Symantec Portfolio and Partner Ecosystem

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Symantec Corp., a global leader in cybersecurity, today announced the general availability of Symantec Integrated Cyber Defense Exchange, a free software solution that simplifies integrations between Symantec products and a broad range of popular partner products. Customers need to reduce complexity related to integrations, event data and workflows across the Symantec portfolio and third-party products. … Read more

Partnership for greater IT security: Panasonic teams up with Rohde & Schwartz Cybersecurity

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Panasonic partners with Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity to offer leading software solution for securing mobile devices. Panasonic today announced a new partnership with Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity, an IT security company that protects enterprises and public institutions around the world against cyberattacks. The partnership will see Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity equip the latest Panasonic Android … Read more

Man in the middle attack


Internet has become an indelible part of our lives. We can’t really imagine a day without an internet device in our hands. It can be synonymous to oxygen now, we breathe internet, we sustain on it. With the course of time, it has become more accessible and affordable and therefore, everything has become digitized. Since, … Read more

MIT faculty approves new urban science major

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Urban settlements and technology around the world are co-evolving as flows of population, finance, and politics are reshaping the very identity of cities and nations. Rapid and profound changes are driven by pervasive sensing, the growth and availability of continuous data streams, advanced analytics, interactive communications and social networks, and distributed intelligence. At MIT, urban … Read more