Symantec Integrated Cyber Defense Exchange Helps to Simplify Integrations Across Symantec Portfolio and Partner Ecosystem

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Symantec Corp ., a global leader in cybersecurity, today announced the general availability of Symantec Integrated Cyber Defense Exchange, a free software solution that simplifies integrations between Symantec products and a broad range of popular partner products.

Customers need to reduce complexity related to integrations, event data and workflows across the Symantec portfolio and third-party products.

Symantec Integrated Cyber Defense Exchange (ICDx) standardizes the interfaces between Symantec’s portfolio of enterprise security solutions and a diverse ecosystem of technology partners. This provides customers with a single point of integration that only requires simple configurations within an easy-to-use console in order to centralize, normalize, archive, filter, and forward events from all supported Symantec products. It also provides partners with a single interface to leverage event data and response actions available in Symantec solutions for an endpoint, email, network, and cloud security.

This highly efficient approach to integration ensures that security applications can be set up to quickly interoperate with each other and external tools used in security operations including SIEM, orchestration, automation and analytics solutions from leading providers. Symantec ICDx includes an easy-to-use console making it simple for customers to configure collectors, forwarders and actions while browsing the common event schema and viewing collected data in dashboards and charts.

Symantec ICDx features include:

  • A unified event model that makes it easy to standardize the rich data sets created by Symantec products
  • A wide selection of pre-built collectors and forwarders to simplify integration, archiving and data filtering
  • Streamlined orchestration of real-time actions targeting multiple products simultaneously
  • A variety of dashboard views to query and display critical attributes and metrics
  • Free front-end viewers for Splunk, ServiceNow, Elastic and other popular SOC tools

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