The security layers of cloud

security layers of cloud
security layers of cloud

In the modern era, security has become one of the biggest concerns for most people. But businesses are more concerned about the increasing breaches, hacks, and attacks on the data as they have to deal with it on an everyday basis. If the data of a business is compromised then it can result in a disaster for the firm. Even small businesses are not safe in the modern era as criminals are finding the security system of small businesses to be very vulnerable and that’s why they are finding it very easy to target them. Well, if you are running a small business and if you want to streamline the security of your sensitive business data then you will have to use the advanced cloud solution without any doubt.

In the modern era, the cloud is proving to be the most secure platform for storing, accessing and sharing business data as it comes with various security layers. You should know that local hard disk is the worst place for storing business data and you can’t keep your business data safe and secure on the local hard disk. This is one of the main reasons why so many small and medium-sized businesses are moving to the cloud platform without any doubt. In the modern era, if you want to thrive, then you will have to use the cloud in some form or another, and especially for providing proper security to your data.

So, in this blog post, we will go through some of the most important security layers of cloud so that you can understand the security system of the cloud in a much detailed manner.

Two-factor authentication

One of the first security layers that act as your first line of defense is the double-factor authentication. In the modern era, the basic rule of making your data more secure is using a strong password and username. Most of the people will suggest you use passwords with a combination of different types of alphabets, special characters, and numbers. But you should know that criminals can get your password and if they will do so then your data will be compromised for sure and this is where the two-factor authentication comes into the picture.

You should know that the two-factor authentication provides a double layer of security for accessing your data. After entering your password and username on the solution, you will be redirected to a page where you will have to enter the special code sent to your mobile number and there is no way criminals can get this code. This code will expire after 1 minute and then you will have to again generate a new code. This is one of the finest security systems provided to your data on the cloud platform and people love it.

Encrypted data

You should know that encrypted data is another marvelous security layer that has been deployed on the cloud platform and it will keep your data completely secure on the cloud platform and free from the hands of criminals, evil-minded people, and hackers. Encryption is not a new process as it is being used from the time of World War II, only its uses and purpose has been modified. You should know that if you will be using data on the cloud and if it lands in the hand of criminals then you don’t need to worry. The data will always stay in the encrypted form and it will nothing more than a scribbled sheet of paper for the criminals.

All the data that you store on the cloud platform is first converted into the encrypted format and when you share the data with someone else, then the decoding of encryption form happens and this leads to conversion of the encrypted data into the normal format. But this decoding of data can never be done by an unauthorized person as there are security layers that keep this thing from happening on the cloud. So, even if criminals get their hands on your data, it still will be no use for you.

Anti-malware, anti-virus, and firewall

Last but not least. You will also get the advantage of anti-virus, anti-malware and firewall protection on the cloud. And unlike your desktop installed system, you will not have to worry about updating these security solutions every year. These security layers are automatically updated by the cloud vendor and they will provide you complete security against any type of virus or malware that can breach into your system and corrupt the data or simply take control of your system.

All these security layers keep your data completely secure on the cloud platform and you will never have to worry about expert criminals hacking your data. You should know that a modern cloud platform is the best place for storing your data like in the case of Cloud based QuickBooks.

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