Microsoft Q4: revenue of $23.3B, up 13% YoY, net income of $6.5B, up 109% YoY; Intelligent Cloud revenue of 7.4B, up 11% YoY; Productivity revenue was $8.4B (Microsoft)

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Microsoft Q4: revenue of $ 23.3B, up 13% YoY, net income of $ 6.5B, up 109% YoY; Intelligent Cloud revenue of 7.4B, up 11% YoY; Productivity revenue was $ 8.4B  —  REDMOND, Wash. — July 20, 2017 — Microsoft Corp. today announced the following results for the quarter ended June 30, 2017:


Moneyspire Announces New Cloud Service for its Personal Finance Software


California based Moneyspire Inc. today announces Moneyspire Cloud, the company’s new service that allows its personal finance software users to easily share their data between multiple computers and mobile devices. Along with Moneyspire Cloud, Moneyspire personal finance software brings your entire financial life together on all your computers and devices no matter where you are. Keep track of your bank accounts, credit cards, set bill reminders, Direct Connect with online bill pay and more….
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AT&T’s DirecTV Now to Gain Cloud DVR and Revamped User Interface


AT&T today announced plans to unveil a next-generation video platform this fall, which will be introduced first to DirecTV Now customers later this summer.

As part of a beta test for the platform, DirecTV Now subscribers will gain access to a cloud DVR feature, which will allow them to record and access their shows from anywhere. A wide selection of live channels will be able to be recorded, with 4K and HD video quality.

“We all want easy and quick access to our content, regardless of wh…
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Public Cloud Is Not a Utility

Public Cloud Is Not a Utility

This is the beginning of a line of reasoning that ends with all of humanity switching to a utility-style IT model and giving up … Even if we ignore who killed the grid-backed electric car and why, there are dedicated electric generators out there in …
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Healthcare CIO advocates a faster move to the cloud

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With more than 35 years of health IT experience, UC Irvine Health CIO Chuck Podesta has witnessed the dramatic evolution of IT as well as the impact that technology has had in transforming medical operations and patient care.

That said, Podesta believes the healthcare industry still lags in certain areas, particularly in its adoption of cloud computing and its efforts to develop effective, efficient partnerships with vendors. As a frequent speaker at national conferences, Podesta offers strategies to bring health IT to its next level while at the same time developing strategies that advance the effectiveness of his own organization’s t…
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