RemoteMyApp adopts IBM Cloud to scale multi-platform gaming service

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IBM announced that Polish startup RemoteMyApp will adopt IBM Cloud for increasing global reach and scaling of its Vortex gaming platform.

Vortex allows users to play games anywhere in the world on almost any device – smartphone, tablet, or smart TV –via the application, without downloading the game. As the platform has grown in usage and expanded to new markets such as Latin America and South East Asia, Vortex needed to scale its services, updates, and functionality to meet growing demand from players. Vortex turned to IBM Cloud to provide the global scale needed to provide a low latency gaming experience no matter where players are or what device they are using.

IBM Cloud positions the Vortex platform to provide high performance computing service with GPU graphics cards. Using powerful servers hosted in several of the nearly 60 IBM Data Centers around the world, Vortex can handle an infinite number of players from all continents without any loss in efficiency or quality of services and with the lowest possible latency. With a game library available in the cloud, gamers will even play games on older devices because all of the processing, including graphics, has been transferred to the cloud.

The growth of online gaming platforms turning to cloud is the result of two factors –a constant growth in the number of players and the increasing popularity of mobile devices….

This article original published at IBM NewsRoom

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