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Since the past few months, the covid-19 has been impacting all the industries quite heavily. And the IT industry also had to deal with this impact. In a situation like this, the IT teams tried to rise to the challenge so that they can support their businesses and the employees in innovative ways at a minimal time frame.

Many studies were conducted and it was observed that the organizations that had invested in cloud-based end-user computing initiatives before the Global pandemic, were able to prepare themselves better as compared to the organizations that did not. Organizations that used Cloud Computing were able to handle every rapid change that came in the direction including working remotely, e relying on virtual conferencing, and many more.

During the studies conducted in early 2020, it was observed that around 37% of the information workers are cloud workers. But what does it mean? It means that these workers make the use of any laptop or tablet for their work and they use the cloud-based apps on a daily basis. Also, it has been observed that the number of cloud workers is only significantly increasing every year.

How have the organizations that invested in cloud-based and user computing benefited from it?

Reports have said that the organizations which invested in cloud-based end-users computing their 1.5 times more prepared to support their employee mobility and they were comparatively more likely to make sure that their employees were able to get most of their work done with the help of cloud-based apps. It has also been observed that in the next 12 months, the usage of cloud-based apps will increase more than twofold because cloud-based apps help the organizations to prioritize their endpoint security in a proper way.

 As compared 2 years ago, the number of organizations that are using and expanding their cloud-based computers has increased by around 83%. Especially in this time of a global pandemic when it is not possible for the users to visit the offices physically, a remote workforce was the only solution for most of the IT companies. And when it comes to using regular infrastructure, only around 58% of the work applications were able to be accessed through browsers. Many organizations are now already investing to make the infrastructure more modern and there can’t be a more critical time than right now to do that.

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Because earlier cloud workforce was just a means of making the work more productive and effective, but now it has become a new standard.

 Why should you go for Google Cloud training courses?

 Today when it comes to Cloud Computing Technology, Google has been able to secure one of the top places in the industry along with Amazon and Microsoft following close behind. In various organizations, demand is increasing for Google Cloud certified professionals who are familiar with using the Google cloud platform. When you have a Google Cloud certification it validates the fact that you have proper knowledge of the Google cloud platform.

 Google provides around four different certifications in the Cloud Computing industry like-

  1. Professional cloud developer.
  2.  Associate cloud engineer.
  3.  Professional cloud architect.
  4.  Professional data engineer.

 The professional cloud developer is one of the latest Google certifications and the duration of the exam is 4 hours. The duration of the exam for associate cloud engineer is 2 hours and it is one of the Google Cloud fundamentals training. These are some of the reasons why you should get Google Cloud certified.

  • The Google Cloud fundamentals training certification can get you a competitive edge over the others when you share it on your social profile or your resume.
  •  The architecting with Google compute engine course is one of the top-paying IT certifications available out there.
  •  Over the past three years, it has been seen that Google cloud has been decided as the desired skill by many organizations and it has only been increasing exponentially.
  •  Google Cloud fundamentals training certification will help you with a more than decent salary per year.

 Google Cloud Computing is one of the most trendy jobs out there today and every organization at the top is using cloud-based apps to function more effectively and be productive. So the time to go for Google Cloud training courses is right now!

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