Four Reasons Why People Seek Anonymity on the Internet


Internet was introduced as the new form of communication, a means to reach out to people worldwide in a few seconds, a medium that mitigated geographical boundaries and made everyone connected around the clock. After decades of transformation and technological innovations, the internet has today penetrated in everyone’s life. Commercially and socially internet is now … Read more

The security layers of cloud

security layers of cloud

In the modern era, security has become one of the biggest concerns for most people. But businesses are more concerned about the increasing breaches, hacks, and attacks on the data as they have to deal with it on an everyday basis. If the data of a business is compromised then it can result in a … Read more

Top 10 Security Brands You Should Check Out This 2020

Security Brands

Photo by NeedPix The global community has witnessed some of the worst cybersecurity attacks just in the past decade alone that spared no one—from unsuspecting private netizens to the biggest companies in different industries and sectors—we have seen the digital gore that is left behind by cyber thieves and criminals who are getting increasingly ingenious … Read more

How Digital Transformation Increases Security Challenges

Top Reasons How Digital Transformation Increases Security Challenges

Technology around us has drastically changed in the past few years. Be it the age of the Internet or technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning. We have come a long way as individuals, societies, and businesses. One of the most radical transformations that have taken place recently is digital. As a result, everything around … Read more

Most 5 Useful Apps of Finger Biometric in SmartPhones

Finger Biometric in SmartPhones

Fingerprint scanners are no longer only owned by the rather expensive and high-tech circle of smartphones today. Mobile Biometric Authentication is possible now with several budget smartphones who pack the tech for fingerprint scanning these days. Now, you can download an App of Finger Biometric easily from an app store to make sure your phone is secure. But what are … Read more

5 Great Smart Home Security Gadgets you need right now

smart home

As technology travels faster than lightning, people are also keeping up with the fast-paced ride. After the rise of smartphones, smart homes are also placed in the high priority checklist.  With the alarming number of burglary, crimes, and attacks in homes, it’s no surprise why more and more people are looking for more robust security … Read more