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Internet was introduced as the new form of communication, a means to reach out to people worldwide in a few seconds, a medium that mitigated geographical boundaries and made everyone connected around the clock. After decades of transformation and technological innovations, the internet has today penetrated in everyone’s life. Commercially and socially internet is now inevitable.

Internet Is Redefining Relationships

Internet Is Redefining Relationships

Though people have always been known to maintain complex relationships, the introduction of the internet has further lead them to play with the emotions and feelings of others. Social media has made the lives easy as well as complicated as it has become the new norm of defining the status and role of others in your life. Subscribing to the everyday popping up new apps, the generation X is completely taken for a toss. An unread message can break a yearlong relationship; use of a wrong emoji can end up making you a laughing stock.   

Today people have taken the internet as the new norm of social interaction, a new paradigm that makes or mar relationships. It is surely the first reason why people seek anonymity on the internet.

Joining a social group is easy, but continuing it is very difficult. You can never agree to the other’s view all the time, and if you beg to differ you are bound to be criticized. People usually forget that it is a comment or opinion that needs to be criticized and not the very person, such criticisms however when taken personally, sacrifice the relations. Thus people look forward to create anonymous blog so that they can express themselves freely without facing the stress of public criticism.

Experience, What People Are Not Able To In Real Life

Experience, What People Are Not Able To In Real Life

Many people live a dubious life. They have unsatisfied libidos, unpleasant memories; unhappy moments that they simply want to get rid of. They find themselves handcuffed to social stigma and dogmatic traditions or societal norms that they are forced to live a dis-contended life. It is the second reason why people seek anonymity on the internet.

They enter chat rooms, watch videos, maintain online relationships, read anonymous blogs, visit the culture of other nations, get acquainted with people they could never do in real life, in fact, live a virtual life that fulfills all their unmet dreams.

Being unknown to the outer world, they look forward to experiencing everything that removes the unhappiness or dissatisfaction from their present lives even though temporary. How to create an anonymous blog, and then live anonymously in the world of internet is truly fascinating. It gives liberty, a rejuvenated life, a new purpose to stay happy. 

Mischief! It’s Fun to Make Fun of Others

Mischief! It’s Fun to Make Fun of Others

The third reason that makes people seek anonymity on internet is to play mischief. It is really boring to be a drag and moron all the time. If there is no fun or excitement, life really gets monotonous. Since childhood, playing pranks have always been great fun and when this continues in the later years of life it leads to an anonymous life over the internet. Most of the young brigade prefer to hide their real identity and play games with people.

Fake Facebook ids, creating social media accounts in the name of the opposite sex, dating with the same-sex people for the sake of fun, is all that prompts to hide true identity. It is this mischief and fun that make people do weird stuff on the internet. Creating a blog have you ever wondered how to get your anonymous blog noticed?

It’s quite simple. You have to play pranks, invite people to rank your blog, make them leave comments, link to similar pages and groups, participate in forums of your taste, comment on others’ pranks and invite as many people as you can to your landing page.

To Make Money

Make Money

Making money is everyone’s charm. If you are able to earn dollars by posing anonymous comments and writing meaningful content without being noticed or get revealed what is the harm in hiding your true identity? It is the fourth reason why people seek anonymity over the internet. Many people are interested to know how to make money writing an anonymous blog?

The answer is quite simple. You have to first conduct basic research on the topics that people want to discuss but are a bit shy in discussing them in the open forums. For instance, fidelity or extramarital affair is one topic that everyone wants to discuss and enjoy but no one dares to come out in the open.

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The coveted and discreet relationships tend to continue for a long time only if they do not get revealed. Similarly, office politics, racism, casting couch, sex for promotion, extortion money, blackmailing, hacking spouse mobile, tracking or detecting spouse office movements are few topics that everyone is interested to discuss and comment, yet everyone prefers to be anonymous.

Once you start an anonymous blog that gives the liberty to discuss these issues, you are sure to earn a lot of money. 

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    For me, it’s simply that it’s easier to reveal myself if no one knows about my identity. I don’t like mocking someone anonymously and have no desire to make money.

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