Using Driver Compliance Software to Save Time

driver compliance software

One of the most important aspects of commercial transportation is compliance. The Department of Transportation (DOT) has a large set of rules that commercial drivers need to follow. Some of the information that is included in these rules and regulations include:

  • Who can drive
  • When they can drive
  • Limits on driving
  • Where they can drive
  • What they can drive

The goal of these regulations is to keep everyone safe. Following these rules and regulations is termed compliance. Depending on how a company is structured, it can be a challenge for businesses to follow DOT compliance information in an efficient manner. This is where software can help.

The Power of Driver Compliance Software: Advances and Gadgets

With the right software, it is possible for companies to comply quickly and efficiently with the various rules and regulations that surround DOT compliance information. Some of the advances in driver compliance software include:

  • Automation: It is possible for companies to automate many of the files surrounding driver qualification. Some of the processes that can be automated include applications, new hire paperwork, and release forms that can be stored automatically for every driver without anyone having to touch them.
  • Document Review: One of the most challenging aspects of keeping with DOT compliance information is tracking rolling expiration dates. Driver compliance software can be used to remind drivers about CDL expiration dates by sending helpful text message reminders about upcoming deadlines.
  • Accident Photos: This same software can be used to expedite photos of accident scenes to the proper recipient when required.
  • Prioritize Reporting: Many software programs have dashboards that can highlight drivers who might be out of compliance, records that could be missing, and even upcoming expiration dates. This makes it easy to prioritize everything on the to-do list in an efficient manner. Furthermore, there are advanced reporting features that allow users to sort various pieces of information, helping to streamline this process.

These are a few of the numerous examples of fancy software and gadgets that can help with compliance.

The Benefits of Advanced DOT Compliance Software

There are a number of benefits that come from using advanced software. These include:

  • The software can be configured to fit almost any set of compliance rules
  • Hierarchical settings can be sorted by location, allowing companies to organize employees by region
  • Flexible permission groups can help create specified folders and records
  • Save a tremendous amount of time on compliance, human resources, new hire paperwork, and applications

These are only a few ways that advanced compliance software can save both time and money.

Learn More About DOT Compliance Applications

These are only a few of the rumors that surround advanced software that can help companies save time and money when it comes to DOT compliance information. Even though it might be a headache to comply with these rules, they are put in place to keep everyone safe. The good news is that with the right gadgets, the compliance process can be streamlined.

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