8 tips on how to protect your site from hackers

how to protect your site from hackers

Website hacking is also increasing. Hackers pose a serious threat to webmasters and visitors because hackers can ruin your website, steal user data, steal credit card information from your website, and use your server to provide illegal files or insert malware and harmful code into your website. As a webmaster, you have a legal obligation to protect … Read more

How to Password Protect a PDF Before Sending it By E-Mail

Password Protect a PDF Before Sending it By E-Mail

The PDF files are universal that can be read easily in the same manner on all devices. Moreover, PDFs are read-only files that cannot be altered easily. Hence, this format is more secure as compared to MS Word on any other file format. Nowadays, there are many PDF editors with the help of which PDF … Read more

Tips To Use Security Alarms As Per Your Need

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The issue of security is as old as civilization if not older. The most basic things the man of old did was to ensure security. Long before we started creeping ourselves out with hidden spy cams or motion activated hidden camera. When they went out to hunt, they kept the young ones and women at … Read more

ASPEED AST2400 & AST2500 Security Vulnerabilities


GIGABYTE is aware of a recently security vulnerability, CVE-2019-6260, which affects GIGABYTE server motherboards and systems using ASPEED AST2400 or AST2500 SOC to implement BMC functionality. According to the National Vulnerability Database, the ASPEED AST2400 and AST2500 BMC hardware and firmware implement Advanced High-performance Bus bridges, which can allow arbitrary read and write access to the … Read more

An Introduction to Anti-Adware as a Security

An Introduction to Anti-Adware as a Security

Anti-Adware: A Security Measure Against Adware The term adware or advertising-supported software generates malicious ads on the internet which on a click downloads malicious threats into your computer while generating income by the developers via PPC. The malicious advertisements come in a variety of ways like banner display, video display, pop-ups and video ads etc. … Read more