How is innovative technology improving the animation industry?

innovative technology

The world has evolved in many innovative ways with the emerging and advancing technology, and the animation industry is not an exception. Back in the days, making an animated movie was a hand-drawn process where the pictures were drawn and animated by hand. It was simple, with fewer graphics or computer-aided technologies.

Disney and Pixar were the first among all the animated studios to create a full-length feature animated movie, toy story. Soon after its success, the animation technology became the standard of the industry other movies like Shrek were released.

With the increased use of the new technology in the industry, new tools and data were needed, and studios required new software and large data storage capacity which made the animation process easier for the animators. In other words, the technology enabled the animators to explore the field more and expand their horizon to discover their creative side. Animators and marketers are still discovering new ways to combine animation techniques with innovative technology to create the best animated videos for business

The illusion of animation

The development of 3D computer generated images in created a movie or video is what makes the technology used in animation stand out. In computer-generated animation, an animator plays the 3D and 2D pictures in sequence to create the illusion of animation though amazing software. Using a source of light and well-positioned cameras animators are able to make a point of view for the viewers. They determine the position of the characters and objects while rendering each frame and after a lot of hard work and expertise, they play the 25 frames per second to create the illusion of animation.

Here are five ways in which animation is advancing because of innovative technology

Virtual reality

The VR technology offers new and electrifying ways for entertainment and consumption of knowledge. Where applications of virtual reality are still being explored, it is widely used in marketing animated videos for business. VR offers exciting possibilities including practical, time-saving preproduction, a rich narrative device, and a strong storytelling medium.

As discussed above VR is more used in effective video marketing, for instance, real-estate agents using the VR technology for open houses for their clients without having their clients come to the house. The application of VR is still to be determined to be used in the industry.

3D printing

This technology is mostly used for stop motion feature films where props are a necessary part. The production houses are welcoming the 3D printing technology with open arms because of the advanced levels of print size, details and finish which add to the efficiency and flexibility to their work. Movies including Avengers: Age of Ultron, Guardians of the galaxy and paranorman uses the technology to produce efficient props for production


Film making has been digitized and has more immediacy and flexibility than ever before. The process of film making has become faster and convenient for film makers. With the use of innovative technology like drones and other camera techniques, film makers are able to make the industry superior—however, it is still to reach its maturity.  It may be demanding and expensive, but the image quality, vibrant colors and textural details are making it to be exceptional. For example, the film Aquaman uses the VFX technology combined with animation to make amazing visuals for the viewers.

Collaborative and cloud workflows

The efficient use of advanced technology has made communication far easier than before. Production and film making requires team work like any other business in the world. With the help of cloud computing and collaborative working, film-making space is smaller and more efficient allowing easy access to tools and free animation software used in the industry along with faster coordination. The digitization of the process, production teams and animators are able to work on a single movie from anywhere in the world. Moreover, files for a project can easily be shared and managed in a team of animators with a single click making collaboration simpler.

Depth sensors

One of the aspects of film making that took a great leap in the development of depth sensors in computer generated images to make them appear more realistic. It is a software that detects the outlines, giving us more tools and objects from the background making the film makers more adept to shooting well using a green screen while giving more accuracy to the background. Movies like Terminator 2: the judgment day and the abyss are examples using depth sensors cameras in production.

The work of animators

Advancing technology has made the job of an animator easier and more efficient. Computer animation helps the animators to create perfect 3D illusions, live-action movies and virtual images with multiple characters and much more. Whether it is 2D or 3D animation, computer generated images have made the production of the movies faster and fun for the animators. Animation opens up a world of new and innovative opportunities, and the technology enables it to appeal to a wider audience more effectively.

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