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Eliza Martin

About Eliza Martin

Eliza Martin n is a fresh graduate in graphic designing from a well-esteemed college of UK. She has the desire to work in one of the most reputable animation company. A passion for graphic designing coupled with a creative mind makes her an amazing animator and designer.

How is innovative technology improving the animation industry?

The world has evolved in many innovative ways with the emerging and advancing technology, and the animation industry is not an exception. Back in the days, making an animated movie was a hand-drawn process where the pictures were drawn and animated by hand. It was simple, with fewer graphics or … Continue reading

Options for business to make an animated video

Introduction One of the effective and influential approach for promoting business on a digital platform is the video animation. This includes a well-developed video that used for convincing the audience and found to be more influential the simple picture or text and other different media to deliver messages.            Important Things … Continue reading

11 Ritzy Tips to Polish Your Video Animation Skills

As video animation has become one of the most important assets of every industry, the requirements of the video animators in various video animation organizations has been increased due to the increasing numbers of the animation projects these studios receive. With the high demand for video animators everywhere, the scope … Continue reading

Where Does the Video Animation Come From, Where Is It Standing Today, & Where Can We Expect It to Be In Future

Video Animation has indeed become a very significant part of our society and has been used in many places for various purposes. The animation cannot be only spotted in the entertainment industry these days, but we can also see the use of the animated movies in every sector of life. … Continue reading

Role of 3D modeling for enhancing Architectural design

For conveying proposed idea and design to clients, architect and engineer require certain mechanisms. Usually, they collaborate with the designing companies to produce a high quality of renderings. Initially, the blueprint of the design has been generated that convince the buyers regarding the plan that provides the transparent layout for … Continue reading