5 Best Cheap Self-Powered Speakers for Faithful and Powerful Sound

Self-Powered Speakers

It can be very frustrating when you are looking for the best cheap self-powered speakers and what you find are low-powered models that can hardly be heard. If this has happened to you, I share the feeling. But that usually happens when you have not soaked well with the information needed to find a pair of really good speakers.

The idea of ​​having a powered amplifier is just to get an incredible sound quality and not have to worry about matching them with an additional amplifier in the case of buying passive speakers.

Having a pair of them is very convenient when you want the sound to cover the acoustic range of an entire environment. There are some of them in the market, Chinese, which can be of very good quality and have an affordable price. The important thing is to define what you want them for and what kind of tickets you need to play the music.

It can be very convenient to bring USB port or connect via Bluetooth if you plan to use them for pc, for example. But of course if your budget worries you, you should take into account the options with more functions but that have a less expensive price.

What are the best self-powered loudspeakers?

Before dealing with a pair, there are some features that you should review. Take note:

The size : it can definitely vary and the larger they are, the greater the power will surely be. The most common are those of 10 “and 12”, although it is also possible to find those of 15 “that are the most powerful.

Portability : If you usually work with music and sound for events, they are convenient with transport and wireless handles. Almost always the self-powered tend to be heavier than passive speakers. Depending on the size it can be around 8 and 16 kg of weight. Of course, if you do not need to move them, there are models with built-in amplification.

Compatibility : Any speaker that is compatible with different sound devices will always be better. That’s why traditional RCA and Jack connectors are as important as the USB connection or Bluetooth.

Power and high sound quality: Obviously the power will depend on your needs. Generally the smallest for small spaces do not require more than 150 to 300 W. But if we talk about open places or very large places, then you could consider speakers from 1200 W to 2000 W to get to all the necessary corners with clear sound.

Subwoofer: This is an independent device that can be added to the speakers in case they do not have an integrated woofer and serves to give more power to low frequency sounds. If even with these tips you are not sure how to look, you can also look comparison with the best 5 bluetooth speaker at the gadgets pro . Here we present the best self-powered speakers:

1. Woxter Dynamic Line DL- 410

These speakers are perfect for those looking for better sound quality on their televisions, Mp3 and Mp4 players, tablets and desktops. They have volume, bass and treble controls on their side panel and a standard 3.5 mm connection that makes them compatible with various digital multimedia devices.

The 4 “woofer and the 1” 2 tweeter that includes them leads to cover the acoustic spectrum in its full range. Its power is 150 W and have a sensitivity of 75 dB which gives a surround sound in any room without losing its quality.

2. Fonestar self-powered loudspeaker ASB-880U

Those who need portable speakers may need to consider this model that includes carrying handles, suspension points, and floor legs and monitor form. It comes with an extra resistant PP injection box and its Woofer is properly protected with a metal front grille. It works very well to play USB / SD / MP3 and brings a convenient remote control to control the volume and playback of music.

To be able to give it height and cover a greater acoustic range, it has a 35 mm hole in its base for the tripod tube. It also has output for passive speaker. It does not have a battery, it is plugged into the network.

3. Edifier Studio R1280T speaker system

This pair of speakers can be perfect for those who want to create a vintage environment for their music and sound. They come with a beautiful finish that simulates wood, just like the turntables and sound equipment of the 50s and 60s. They have a total power of 42 W and a sensitivity of 85 dB.

They are equipped with RCA connectors and 3.5 mm Jack. Includes controls to customize your preferences for bass, treble and volume. The sound they emit has a lot of presence and depth. They occupy little space and their energy consumption is low.

4. Pair of Speakers PA Auna

If you own a commercial space like a bar, these speakers are convenient for you. They are quite robust and have a protective outer cover and handles that allow them to be transported anywhere or simply to be fixed in any space.

They serve to entertain small parties because they have very good power of 2 x 500 W. They are passive of 2 tracks with bass / subwoofer of 8 inches, that is, 20 cm with Bass reflex. The sound they emit is clear. They also serve to put next to a television or a stereo. Connected to Hi Fi equipment they give sound of very good quality.

5. Skytec SPJ-1500A self-powered baffle

It is perfect for a gym or for classrooms with dance classes. It gives very good sound with its 15 “and 400 W of power. It has a line and microphone input with independent volumes. It comes with a convenient glass to put it on a tripod and a handle that facilitates its transport to any place.

It is very durable because it is made of shock-resistant ABS. It has a sensitivity of 126 dB. It comes equipped with volume control and bass adjustment, in addition to LED indicators. Its power supply is with alternating current.

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