5 Best Replacement Bracelets for iOS and Android SmartWatch

Best Replacement Bracelets

Do you already have some time with your smartwatch and it has already begun to bore you? Come on! You do not have to leave your budget to buy another one in a different style. Going for the best replacement bracelet for a smartwatch will be your solution. And believe me; I understand how difficult it can sometimes be to find one of these bracelets because many times they are too tight or loose because the materials leave a lot to be desired or even because in person they do not end up being as cool as in the photos. But do not worry anymore, I already went through this and I will help you change the band of your smart bracelet to give a fresh touch to this device that measures your heart rate, shows notifications of calls, and, of course, makes you look pretty.

What is the best replacement bracelets for a smartwatch?

If you have spent a good paste on your watch or activity bracelet with an OLED screen that measures your heart rate it is normal that you do not want to spend too much on a simple replacement strap. So it will ease you to know that the models that I grouped in my comparative list are all affordable. But beyond the price, something you will see is that these bands are made of different models that will provide comfort and that have a high effect on appearance, so taking into account the occasion or your personality is essential. Look at the color and material of your original watch so that you can make intelligent combinations that look good, which will be key in choosing the best model for you at the gadget’s trend. Ready to look cool? Keep looking so that you will not regret it. Here we present the best replacement wristbands for smartwatches: 

1. Belt for Apple Watch # BM-APB2281HB-42 from Bandmax

For elegant men and businesses that do not leave technology aside, this is the perfect alternative for the boring strap that brings your Apple Watch. It is made of stainless steel, masculine and resistant. It is thick and includes a special cloth for manual cleaning and polishing.

2. Belt for Apple Watch AWB13-42 from Wearlizer

Sophisticated women will love it for its inlaid diamonds and beautiful design to dazzle with your smartwatch. It is fully adjustable, so it includes a special tool to do it with total comfort.

3. Belkin Apple Watch Belt F8W732btC01

Those who have a casual style but who are business people will feel identified with this design. It is a comfortable strap for most wrist sizes, is secure, and with an Italian-quality seal. Available in various colors and compatible with several models of smartwatches.

4. ToveLo Apple Watch AW-42mm strap

It is a pack of 8 spare straps ready to follow your step in your physical activities. They are soft silicone so they are very comfortable, highly mobile, and resistant to water and sweat. All of the different colors to combine them to your liking.

5. Replacement bracelets for Fitbit Alta from HUMENN

There are 12 interchangeable sports wristbands just for you! The best thing is that they are very soft and highly adjustable. If you are a fun and cheerful person, you will love having many colors to choose from. These replacements for Fitbit Charge 2 come with metal clasps on both ends for added security.

Can you change the strap of your smartwatch?

The answer is affirmative in most cases. Because, although we speak of a single device, it is not exempt from customizations of the user, according to your style or the occasion. Nobody wants to appear in a cocktail with a sports watch. Fortunately, the straps are fully modifiable for smart watches IOS and Android.

Check if you’re smartwatch is compatible with all the straps

This is of the utmost importance because, although there are belts for almost all brands on the market, you may have chosen a difficult or impossible-to-customize smartwatch. Then you must make sure of the type of bands that are compatible with it. In general, smartwatches use a 22 mm wide strap.

Replacement materials for smartwatch bands

The materials themselves can vary and thus have an impact on durability, comfort, and appearance. Not only should you agree but also provide quality and durability. These are the most advisable:


It is recognized as being of good quality, although it should not be neglected. A humid environment could accelerate its deterioration. It is not only elegant but flexible and comfortable, easy to combine. Thanks to their multiple holes, they are usually easy to adjust.


It has resistance and durability. If you are formal, this sober material is for you, although you should also take care of the dreaded scratches. You must keep in mind that the connections of your links can make these belts flexible or not.

Rubber and plastic

If you are dynamic, plastic or rubber bands are your ideal choice. In addition, they are less expensive. They are ideal for day-to-day exercise and can go from the sober to the fun thanks to their wide variety of designs and colors.

Fitting a replacement smart watch strap

Comfort is important, so you better have a strap that is not too loose or too tight. You must see that it is adjustable so that it fits perfectly on your wrist.

Measuring a spare strap

The first thing will be to measure your wrist or that of the person who will use it because it will be of great help before buying. A trick is to add between 3 and 4 centimeters more to the exact measurement to obtain the perfect fit.

Length of straps for smartwatches

You should know that there is a general range of lengths into which the watch strap you are looking for can enter.

The most common is that the range for men goes from 19.7 to 24.13 cm and that of women from 17 to 20.32 cm. This is very general because those who have bigger or smaller dolls than that should look for specialized bands or find a model that is almost made to measure.

Metal straps for a smartwatch

There are metal belts that do not because they are much more rigid than the rest they are not adjustable, because they have replaceable links that can be added or removed according to the user’s need. However, this could significantly alter the design, so that it is to your liking.

Replace a smartwatch strap

If you have the right tool, this work can be sewing and singing. But without the indicated implements, the story may be different. And is that the watch bands are usually held by a small spring bar that can be easily retracted with a special tool or with a blade and with great care and patience to avoid damaging the watch as scratches or even damage the strap.In this task, it is better to pay close attention to the spring bar so that it is reusable. There are also clock models that replace these bars with minimal screws that can be much more complicated to manipulate and that can be lost with tremendous ease.

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