What is a Dehumidifier and How it Works

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What is a dehumidifier?

A dehumidifier is a device that is powered by electrical currents and functions by adjusting and maintaining the required levels of humidity within the surrounding. Most households purchase dehumidifiers to help keep their health in check and livelihoods more comfortable. Another function that dehumidifiers tackle is the removal of a musty odor to retard the growth of molds that thrive in moist environments to produce spores that are likely to cause allergic reactions.

Dehumidifiers have wide usages which cut across industrial processes and commercial applications. These devices occur in two types. One of them is the condensate dehumidifiers which borrows the principles that a refrigerator uses for its operation. For it to function effectively, it employs reverse osmosis to transform the condensate into liquid water that can be removed and transported out of the systems. Other similar types vaporize the humid air instead of expelling out as a liquid. There is also the desiccant dehumidifier which uses chemicals such as silica gel to trap the moisture and expel it out of the houses.

How dehumidifiers work

A dehumidifier works by maintaining the required levels of humidity. When humidity is high, it lowers the levels of moisture in the room to optimum. This technique helps in eradicating molds, mites and other organisms that thrive in the presence of excess humid air. Dehumidifier such as Aprilaire dehumidifiers works under the same principle as a refrigerator or an air conditioner. For this to be effective, the device has specific components such as an evaporator, refrigerant, compressor, capillary tubes, fan, condenser, an inlet for moist air and outlet for warm air.

Homeowners who have been experiencing an endless series of dampness in their walls, floors, and equipment in the house can now equip themselves with portable dehumidifiers to make their homes more comfortable. Excess moisture can also emanate from cooking and hanging wet clothes in the house. Using a dehumidifier with all the features mentioned above will serve the needs of the households.

Dehumidifiers function by accumulating water vapor which is then passed through an evaporator to a refrigerator that is connected to a fan. The operator used may vary depending on the technology used for manufacturing it. These include the fin and tube, coiled tube, and the microchannel. After the air has been condensed in the refrigerator, it is expelled. The resulting products are then subjected to heat produced by coils in the condenser. The warm air is later released to the room to eliminate the excess moisture.

Apart from releasing hot air into the house, the dehumidifier also condenses the humid air on the walls hence discharging large amounts of heat in the surrounding. Some dehumidifiers use both approaches for the effective expulsion of excess moistures from the environment. House owners are, therefore, advised to install in-built dehumidifiers in their houses to encourage the constant warming up of rooms and reduce the levels of relative humidity.

Other types include spray dehumidifiers which work differently. These models cool the water to low temperatures. This technique prevents water from evaporating from the device hence creating a balance. The chilled air is sprayed into the air, and then it captures the excess moisture in the atmosphere. The spray dehumidifier also traps toxins produced by microorganisms which thrive in humid environments. This helps in maintaining favorable conditions around the home as well as making the surroundings healthy for human and animal existence.

Moreover, the dehumidifiers also protect furniture from decaying, floors, and walls from cracking. It also prevents food spoilage and survival of opportunistic microorganisms that prevail in such circumstances to worsen the damages.

The owners can also reap benefits such as saving on utility bills unlike when using heaters to warm up the room. Electric heaters tend to consume more energy. Thus, using dehumidifiers reduces the amounts of electric power supplied to the equipment since they are designed in ways that conserve and recycle power. Besides, the use of dehumidifiers also improves the outlook of the home by reducing dampness and making the environment hospitable. They also adjust the interior design of the house since, after dehumidifying, the homeowners can repaint the walls and mount decorations to make the house look cozy.

Dehumidifiers are also portable and hence can be put in different rooms making their usage easy. One time the users can set the devices in the computer room to eliminate moisture to ensure the electronics don’t get damaged. It can also be taken to the bathroom, sitting room, bedrooms, and so on. The operating systems of dehumidifiers have made lives worthwhile.

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