Where Does the Video Animation Come From, Where Is It Standing Today, & Where Can We Expect It to Be In Future

Video Animation

Video Animation has indeed become a very significant part of our society and has been used in many places for various purposes. The animation cannot be only spotted in the entertainment industry these days, but we can also see the use of animated movies in every sector of life. It is a fact that video animation has crossed over the boundaries and has made itself an advantageous asset in every possible way.

In today’s world, there is wide use of the animation video for business , education, and almost every other professional domain. It has not only profited the industries but has also opened the opportunities for the people with excellent skills to create animation, to find countless career options, in any industry that they want. So it is nontoxic to say that the animated videos have become one of the advantageous ability to not only benefit various business to grow but has also expanded the gates for the animators and people with exceptional skills and mind to work in this field to make it better for themselves and the society.

The Beginning of Video Animation

If someone has the thought that the idea of bringing motion pictures into life was the idea of Walt Disney, then they could not be more wrong. Walt Disney has just followed the track that was set there a few ages ago, all he had to do is to understand the techniques, and with the help of some useful software, Disney was able to bring forth their first feature film in 1937.

Let’s have a closer look at all the background work that motivated Walt Disney to bring a fascinated animated feature film on the screens.

In Early Years

The concept of the animation was originally generated in 1832, a Belgian physicist Joseph Plateau invented Phenakistiscope. It was considered to be the first-ever form of animation that portrays a fluid illusion of motion. The idea was so captivating that its concept is still being used in the modern era and has motivated the scientists to come up with the creation motion images like GIF animation that has the image to perform the movement for a limited duration.

The idea got many supported that lead to further inventions in the area of video animation, and in 1832, a few brilliant minds brought together a new invention called Zoetrope. It is one of the pre-film animation devices that is used to create the illusion of movements by displaying a sequence of images or drawings. The pictures are organized in such a way that each image shows progressive stages of the action.

The same concept and idea were carried forward, and with a little more improvements Charles-Émile Reynaud introduced Praxinoscope, which is a better version of Zoetrope, as it has mirrors placed in the inner circle replacing the narrow viewing slits present in Zoetrope.

Modern History of Video Animation

It is not known by many people, but the first animated feature film ever to create was by an Italian-Argentine cartoonist Quirino Cristiani, in 1917. The reason why many people do not know about it because the film was never put on the screen, as it was burned before it was even released. The producer of the movie has the only copy of the movie at their studio, and when the fire caught the entire place, the solitary copy of the movie turned into ashes.

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After twenty years from the incident that happened, in 1937, Disney launched its first animated feature film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and it was also in the proper color and with perfect sound effects.

Where Does the Video Animation Industry Stand Today?

In the current time, the video animation industry has stepped out of the entertainment field and has made itself known in every other sector of professions. We can see the use of animated videos in the educational field, where teachers take help from the video animations to deliver lectures, and students use it in their presentations to impress the evaluators.

Let’s not ignore the fact that animation is also used passionately in the business world for various reasons. It is used for the promotional or marketing campaigns that we can see in the advertisements these days. Another region in the business world where the use of video animations is observed is in the business meeting presentations, as with the help of the explainer videos, business executives are able to clarify their strategies and other useful points to their clients, or other stakeholders.

We can also detect the usage of the animated videos on different websites to provide the users an enjoyable experience for visiting the site; moreover, it is used to provide tutorials to use different software or to guide a group of people by delivering some useful knowledge.

What The Future Holds?

Since the video animation has jumped out of Hollywood and has entered other few film industries in the world, we can say that in the coming time people will be able to see animated films in every language and it will become a part of every film industry of the world.

Not only talking about the entertainment field, but it has also already made its way in all the other professional fields, so it is harmless to say that with the increasing demand for video animations the career opportunities for the animators will be prolonged. With the rising need for animations and animators, it will soon become an essential part of studies in all the disciplines of education.

To Summarize Everything…

After studying the background of video animation, observing the current reputation of the animation industry, and analyzing the future of this sector, we can expect that in the coming time we will be able to see more mesmerizing and fascinating creatures in this field. It has already shown its charisma in the form of Virtual Reality, who knows what more potential it holds that we will be able to see in the time ahead.

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