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Remember the days when you had to wait for your favorite show or TV to come on the commercially programmed time? Well, those days are long gone due to the massive adaptation to streaming services in the last few years. As we know it, TV has changed a lot – and that’s for the better.

Now that there are so many options, how do you know which one to choose? We carefully researched an array of streaming providers and apps to give you the insights to make your own decision. Which one will you go with?


Ah, Netflix. It’s almost become a household name with all the memes and sayings that go around. Netflix and Chill? But more seriously, Netflix is great. If you aren’t familiar with Netflix (have you been living under a rock for the last 5 years?), then here is a perfect chance to learn. Netflix is a streaming services that offers a wide variety of award-winning TV shows, documentaries, movies and more.

With Netflix, you can enjoy unlimited viewing options and content – all with no commercials. Yes, absolutely no commercials. Netflix is always updating its content so there is always something new to watch. Additionally, they have begun developing their own series (known as Netflix Originals), such as StrangerThings, Nailed It! and the End of the ___ng World.


HBO GO is a streaming service that is included, for free, with your HBO paid subscription through a TV provider. It is home to many different programs that you can enjoy such as Game of Thrones, Doll & Em, and True Detective. It has a smaller library than Netflix, however, it is a free addition to your subscription to HBO.

So if you’re already subscribed, definitely make sure to take advantage – and even download their free APP to your smartphone.


DirectTV Now is a popular live TV streaming service with over 120 channels in their library. They offer tons of great channels and off-contracted streaming services on demand. Its benefit is that it does not require contracts, or even credit checks. You can cancel your service at any time. This service is offered by telecom giant AT&T and is separate from their other streaming services.

The prices varies per package, but can range anywhere from $35 to $70 per month. It is different than the above streaming services because it is more focused on TV channels, rather than on demand movies. It’s great for anyone who is always looking for something new.

Additionally, they offer an app available on PlayStore and iOS store – allowing you to seamlessly view any of your favorites on the go.


Hulu is an on-demand video service that allows users to stream popular TV shows in the U.S and Japan. Surprisingly, it is co-owned by The Walt Disney Company, 21st CenturyFox and Comcast. It focuses more on streaming new TV shows and its own original content.

Unlike Netflix, Hulu’s basic package includes commercials, however, there is a tiered option that allows you to remove this.

The traditional Hulu streaming service is now a subscription based model, including an ad-supported tier for $8 per month and an ad-free tier for $12 per month. Hulu with Live TV is $40 per month for limited ads or $44 per month for ad-free viewing.

There are many different options for streaming TV and movies on your phone. You just need to decide which one is right for you.

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