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Buying Instagram followers for your account gives you more social credibility amongst other users especially if the account in question is used for the purpose of promoting a business or it seeks social relevance. This is because people judge Instagram account by a number of followers, in that such account appears more trustworthy and credible enough to be associated with, but this does not guarantee corresponding likes, comment, and responses on that account. The followers could be dormant or robot generated depending on how and where the purchase was made.

The idea of building a brand on Instagram goes beyond having just followers to make an account look good, the followers have to be real Instagram followers like the genuine ones offered by in other to get any activity and patronage. Real Instagram followers would ensure brand expansion and are characterized by lots of follow up responses on posts.

Factors to be considered when buying real Instagram followers

There are factors to be considered when buying real Instagram followers for your account

  • The Profile of followers offered

It is important to assess the profile of followers you have ordered. If most of the purchased followers have a profile showing that the number of those they are following is so much compared to those following them. It is a quick sign that those profiles have been hacked by bots and the likelihood of the account being active is low.

  • Consider your audience

Most account holders seeking recognition and anticipating patronage has a product or service to render with has target market in mind. It is paramount to ensure the seller has provisions in his strategy to focus on capturing close by followers in your niche. This would help in building an audience ready to engage since there is a common interest.

  • Account engagement rate

Brand awareness and visibility is achieved mainly by real Instagram followers, monitoring your rate is a good way to ascertain the kind of followers you actually bought. It goes up only when real activity takes place. A progressing engagement rate gives room for more real followers and brand recognition.

Although, buying followers is a way of building brand credibility and increasing your account engagement rate but just buying followers without thoughtful and practical efforts in growing your follower base can have a bad effect on your account. Apart from buying real Instagram followers, other means of getting active followers are:

  • Partnering with an influencer

You could boost your Instagram account for more followers by identifying a top user on  Instagram and making sure your account name and product is advertised on their page. This strategy would create a link to your account resulting in more traffic and followers.

  • Posting and re-posting viral and catchy contents frequently.

This helps in improving account conversion rates and has a way of driving traffic to your page. The basic idea is to know your audience and engaging them the right way and in less than no time your account would be noticed and recommended to others and that is building a brand.

  • The hashtag strategy:

Using the hashtag is a strategy on its own and it could be a big help in publicizing an account. There are websites that provide top and trending hashtags that could be used when posting to get a wider range of viewers which in turn drives traffic to your page. Find top hashtags and use them to your advantage to get more real Instagram followers.

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