How to Drive Online Traffic in 2020

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Have you struggled to increased online traffic on your website? Well, nowadays building traffic from social media platforms to your website is not an easy task. 

Generally, these days every marketer and business owner wants more customers in their wish list and more traffic to their website for taking their brand, objectives, and services from one to the next level. Website traffic plays an important role in the growth of a business. Good SEO services in Mohali can help you with various things such as:

  • It helps you to see the performance of your marketing work.
  • Enhance your SEO and search engine credibility.
  • It helps to enhance conversions, generates leads to get more customers.
  • Online Traffic to your website helps you to improve your rank in Google search engine and leads to generate more customers.  

The social media platform offers great features and if you make use of these features positively or correctly then they surely provide you the best results and favorable outcomes. Sometimes, you need to think out of the box to drive the online traffic on your website. If you thinking that it is a very complex task then you can break it down in a few ways. 

Let’s considered below! 

  1. Premier Content:

Nowadays, premier and high-quality content are considered as the king of social media. It is one of the best ways to drive traffic, Google search rankings, engagement, conversions and leads to generate more customers. But make sure the content must be relevant and right to the audience. Sharing the correct and high-quality content with your audience automatically turns users into customers and leads to enhance the growth of your business from one to another level. There are a lot of different ways through which you can be displayed the content such as:

  • It can be through writing Information.
  • EBooks, Long Form content.
  • Creating Content Infographics.
  • Templates and Digital Signages.
  • Images and videos.

Well, all these things depend upon the business that you are doing and what type of content would you want to share with the targeted audiences for user engagement. 

  • Responsive Website:

In order to generate or drive traffic to your website through social media platforms, having a responsive website is very necessary. A responsive website is a user-friendly website. It means you don’t need to resize, scrolling, zooming or panning. It can easily access any device and scale up or down automatically according to your device whether it is a laptop, android Smartphone or IOS. With this, your target audience and users can easily access your website full of convenience. It can make your company professional and also increase the overall visitors and traffic to your website. 

  • Online Reputation Management:

Another one of the best ways to increase online traffic on your website is online reputation management. Nowadays, in terms of business and social media landscape, online reputation management plays a vital role. A few years ago it is very difficult to understand the internet. Companies and many business owners could not express their objectives, services actively and powerfully. But now the time radically changes. You can explore your services towards the targeted audience through social media platforms by tweeting about your latest products, posting a new update on Facebook, shares your customer experiences on Instagram and many more. All these things lead to generate online traffic to your website and allow customers to:

  • Talk about your products, services, and objectives publically.
  • No hiding criticism. 
  • Establishing a transparent 1to 1 communication channel
  • Segmenting audience:

In order to drive online traffic to your website, it is very necessary to ensure that before marketing on social media platforms you segment your audience. Segmentation is a fundamental phenomenon in marketing. It is a key activity with an audience analysis to select relevant audiences (who have similar needs, values, and requirements according to your specific products and services) and target them. 

Generally, there are four types of audience segmentation such as:

  • Demographic segmentation:  This includes demographic information like user age, education, marital status, religion, etc. 
  • Physiography Segmentation: This covers a wide range of Physchography information such as user values, believes, interests and user lifestyle. 
  • Behavioral Segmentation: It covers the purchasing and spending habits of customers, customer status, brand Interactions, etc. 
  • Geographic Segmentation: This includes a wide collection of geographical areas such as neighborhood, area code, city, country, etc.

Segmentation audience offers you a lot of benefits such as:

  • It helps to create strong marketing messages
  • Provide ease to identify effective and valuable marketing ideas.
  • Socially differentiate your brand and services from competitors
  • It helps to increase customer affinity

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