How Web Design Can Improve Your Traffic and Online Sales

How Web Design Can Improve Your Traffic, How Web Design Can Improve Online Sales

In a modern business environment, having a website is of the utmost importance. The main reason is that websites represent the face and the core of online businesses. The purpose of marketing campaigns and online promotions is to lead potential customers to business websites, where they’ll be converted into customers.

However, websites need to be well-developed and carefully designed, in order for them to truly capture the interest of visitors and influence them to make a purchase. When it comes to browsing websites, online consumers have specific criteria that must be met. That involves website design, functionality, speed, user-friendliness, and more. If consumers’ expectations and needs aren’t adequately met, they’ll simply abandon the website and continue their search elsewhere.

That’s why it’s important to design your website in accordance with your customers’ preferences. It’s also very important to have highly relevant content on your website that will offer value to your audience. That way, your visitors will become engaged and they’ll have a good reason to stay on your website. Here are a few ways good web content and design impacts the organic traffic and reach.

Customer experience

As mentioned before, online consumers have specific criteria that determine their overall experience while browsing a website. In other words, they have specific needs, demands, and expectations that will define whether they have a good experience or not. Failing to meet those expectations or needs results in loss of web traffic, which also means a loss of customers. Thus, every business that wants to expand their reach and improve their traffic simply needs to focus on meeting customer demands.

The main reason is that online consumers don’t hesitate to openly speak about their bad experiences with a website. As a matter of fact, 79% of consumers who had a bad experience on a website will most probably never do business there again. Moreover, 44% of consumers will tell their friends and family about a bad website experience. A few negative comments or reviews about your website can easily lead to an avalanche of bad publicity. That can easily ruin your reputation and it’s extremely difficult to recover from that situation.

Building a brand image

How Web Design Can Improve Your Traffic, How Web Design Can Improve Online Sales

Many businesses choose to develop a brand. That way, they’ll be able to build more personal relationships with their customers and elevate themselves on the market. However, building a brand is more than it seems. In fact, many businesses design a brand according to their owners’ preferences. This is a huge mistake because a brand is supposed to be designed in accordance with its audience’s preferences. The main reason is that this way, the brand can inspire engagement, loyalty and emotional commitment in the customers.

Branding also means reshaping and redesigning your website. For example, the color palette for your website’s layout plays a vital role in inspiring emotions in customers. Also, the fonts used in your content, as well as the tone of voice, determine the level of engagement. Any aspect of the web design that doesn’t match customer preferences will most likely turn them away. Customers are supposed to connect with a brand in a more personal way, and website design helps them do that. Therefore, branding is not just designing a logo, but designing an image that will attract customers to your website and turn them into loyal followers.

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Online promotions

Nowadays, a lot of businesses promote their websites and their content on various channels. Most of the time, businesses build their presence on social media. The main reason is that social media platforms are business-friendly and they are also the place where most of the target audiences reside. In an effort to connect with their target audience, businesses will build their presence on social networks and promote their content to drive engagement from their potential customers.

If the content is highly relevant, informative, interesting and entertaining, the organic traffic will vastly increase. Also, promoting content over social media is a good way to improve your social following and expand your reach as well as your consumer base. However, no matter how good your content is if your web design isn’t up to the task, the leads generated via content marketing will only bounce off once they reach your landing pages.

That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on what your audience says about your design and content. For instance, you can leverage social media monitoring to track conversations about your brand. This will give you insight into what your audience is saying, as well as give you ideas on how to improve both your content and your web design for better results.

Building your reputation

Online reputation is very important for businesses these days. As noted above, your reputation can easily be ruined if you don’t provide a seamless user experience for your customers. However, if you manage to meet customer expectations or even exceed them when it comes to website experience, your reputation can improve as well. As much as customers are willing to share their negative experiences, they’re also willing to advocate for brands when they had an amazing experience with their website. Word-of-mouth recommendations can go a long way in increasing your reputation online.

Not only that, but you can achieve increased organic traffic as well as better reach. The fact of the matter is that good recommendation and positive reviews can inspire others to visit your website and make purchases there. That being said, 97% of consumers state that online reviews factor into their buying decisions. Also, 92% of online consumers trust personal recommendations, even if they don’t know the person making the recommendation. What’s more, 81% of people are influenced by their friends’ social media posts. Simply put, you can benefit from your customers’ promotions simply by providing them with good web content and seamless browsing experience.

Having a highly functional website is essential in meeting customer needs. Not only that, but your website must also have an aesthetic design that’s appealing to customers. That way, your website visitors and customers can enjoy themselves on your website. In addition, enriching your website with good content will offer value and additional information to your customers. All of these aspects create an excellent browsing experience. With such a website in place, you can easily expand your reach and drive more organic traffic to your website.

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