8 Vital SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Designing

SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Designing

With the increasing number of people being converted into tech-savvy, internet keen individuals, the use of websites as the new mode of information on-the-go is on the rise. Internet-surfing is no longer limited to your Personal Computers or the Desktops in your Office. Internet is now an inextricable pattern in your daily chores- from surfing to net banking, online shopping, social media interaction to e-mailing.

However, most importantly, with the trend of the internet becoming mobile, after the intensifying use of smartphones, i-phones, i-pads, Tablets among the internet users, responsive web designing has become an obvious requisite for content marketing and social media marketing. Responsive Web Design (RWD) is the process of construction of a website in such a manner that all the contents of the website, including images, links, layout, and other structures remain the same for any device. To simplify, a responsive website is a website that contains the same URL throughout, irrespective of which device it is accessed through.

For almost every prominent digital marketing agency, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) forms a core component. And for a successful SEO strategy , a Responsive Website becomes absolutely compulsory. The following 8 SEO benefits will establish why Responsive Web Designing is a must for your digital marketing operation.

  • A greater proclivity to Responsive Website in Google: Google, with over 65 percent search market share, is a respected recommender in online marketing. Its opinions are respected worldwide. Google itself recommends that responsive web designing is greatly needed for digital and social media marketing. The “One URL for all devices” facilitates Google to effectively organize and adjust content and most importantly a responsive website is much easier to share and apply SEO techniques.
  • Signifies advanced user experience: Websites are basic tools of interaction and sharing of content. A user-friendly website layout makes the process of finding, storing and absorbing the content material more convenient. A responsive website design that is coupled with SEO mechanism makes it easier for users with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to easily locate their required site and collect the information.
  • Easy management of sites: From the management and operational point of view, Responsive Web designing with SEO benefits makes the maintenance of sites by the site admin easier and advanced. The one URL provision works wonders for the management of sites at any time and from any device.
  • Linkage of several devices with a single website: A website that has different site addresses and settings for different devices (namely separate websites for mobile and computer use), is bound to be periled with several technical complications and inconvenience. One significant benefit of SEO in responsive web development is that it allows the single website to be surfed and downloaded on different devices. Whenever the website is viewed- it remains the same for computers, or tablets or phones. This makes navigation of the web content easier and searches results possibility of the site also widens.
  • One site containing one URL: Having different URLs of the same website for different devices makes it complicated for the users to search a particular content and re-surf them in the future. Website management also becomes intricate. Hence a responsive website is most effective since it provides the SEO benefit in which a single URL is functional for the website throughout all devices and browsing mode. This helps the website in becoming more convenient, popular and transparent.
  • Low Bounce Rate: Mostly mobile browsing suffers from a high bounce rate that makes internet surfing a troublesome task for mobile internet users. This happens when the website content on mobile hugely differs from the site content on the PC. But a Responsive Web Design reduces the bounce rate and maintains a Low Bounce Rate throughout, whether for mobile or Desktop. It helps in the functional presentation of the website content.
  • Exclusion of Duplicate content: A responsive website verifies the authenticity of the page. It allows the page to be considered unique and inimitable in Google search. The risk of the site being illegally duplicated or wrongfully fabricated by unknown entities is reduced when the website is responsively designed. The SEO benefit allows the user to be aware of whether the web content is original or duplicate

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