Why Your Client Needs a Responsive Website – Not an App?


Being responsive is a pre-requisite. What seems different is somehow not. Yes, the indication is towards a website and a mobile app. Both these channels might look different however digging in deep clears the clouds showing off the interconnectivity between them. A mobile app and a website, both, come with almost the same functionalities but they are still different.

There is no doubt that the users look for options that can be checked on the go i.e. there is a dire need to have your presence shown and known across channels especially the mobile ones. A freelance website designer knows that coming to the utility aspect, websites are preferred over mobile apps. There are masses who still believe in checking out websites rather than even knowing whether an app exists or not.

There is no denying the fact that staying up-to-date and making your brand visible across channels is integral in the current scenario where cutthroat competition prevails over any other thing. The tech freaks are inclined towards shelling out money on website designing and an app both however the truth is far from what is seen and shown. It is definitely good to have a website as well as an app but what is more effective is where the businesses get stuck.

The decision to hire freelance website designer is the first step in evaluating the need for whether an app is required or not. They understand the primary distinction between a responsive website and a versatile mobile application that facilitates the choice from among these two. A freelance website designer conducts the preliminary research work for your business and accordingly suggests whether an app is needed or not. Undoubtedly, having a website cannot be ruled at any time.

Need for an App

  • Adds spark to brand’s recognition
  • A creative way to engage with people
  • Catching up with the cutthroat competition


Being accessible is the foundation for people to connect with the brand. Having a website is must but what matters more is to have a responsive one. A responsive website allows the users to access the complete information across devices and screen sizes helping in building business relationships. However, a mobile app lacks certain privileges. Further, an app is accessible only to those who put in that extra time, money and effort to download the app before they finally check out your brand, products, and services.


Accessing a responsive website does not require the users to share their personal information keeping your privacy intact. However, there are many apps that ask for your personal information before you even navigate through the same. Further browsing through the website comes at no cost as compared to certain apps that charge the users for accessing the fed in the information.


There is clear cut demarcation as far as iOS and Android apps are concerned. Yes, you got it right!! There are numerous apps that can be used either by iOS users or Android ones but not both. Such a limitation restrains the brand’s presence to reach out to the extended audience in the long run. Well known, this is not the case with a responsive website which is designed and authorized to be accessible for all irrespective of the platform you use i.e. Android or iOS.


A website is undoubtedly easy to update and fixing bugs as well. The user need not install the newer or updated versions of the website to browse through. However, in the case of mobile apps, the basics, too, are complex and the users need to keep on installing the newer versions from time on time or perhaps updating the app.


Having a responsive website saves you the cost of creating native apps for each type of mobile device. Further maintaining and updating a website comes at a much cheaper price as compared to maintaining and updating an app.

Once you hire an SEO expert to work on building your brand, create do follow and no follow links, he takes into account all the integrals and accordingly the desired course of action suggesting what best suits your business. One should accept the fact that people search for information and businesses more on the websites and not in the App stores . At the end of the day, it is the convenience that supersedes the technology somehow.

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