Effective Methods of Increasing the Social Media Traffic and the Rate of Conversions

Increasing the Social Media Traffic

For many blogs, social media traffic is more crucial than direct traffic and search engine traffic. Most of the bloggers complain that they cannot get the expected social media traffic despite creating hype. In fact, the social media traffic depends on the quality of the content you share on the social media and the way you organize and publish the social media posts. Here are some of the factors that influence the social media traffic and the conversion rate.

Use high conversion keywords

Use of high conversion keywords in your content enhances the social media traffic for your content. These keywords enhance the audience engagement on your page and allure more clicks and views. Using high conversion keywords in social media updates improve the visibility and shares of your content.

Use of keywords like retweet, follow, social media, new blog post are some of the keywords that improve the visibility of posts on Twitter and when it comes to Google Plus, Share, Increase, Promote, Create, and Discover are such high conversion keywords.

Visual content

Visual content is responsible for more audience engagement in the social media than the written content. Visual content like videos, animated gifs, and images engage nearly 70% more audience when compared to other forms of content. Hence, when Facebook traffic is considered, you will observe that content with images get 39% more engagement and when LinkedIn is considered, experts say that image-based posts allure 98% more comments.


Hashtags attract more traffic to social media when compared to posts without hashtags. Research shows that posts with more than 1 or 2 hashtags gain 21 percent more engagement in the social media. Another important point to remember is that 40% of posts with hashtags get retweeted on the social media.

But take care that you do not increase the number of hashtags, because the engagement of the audience may fall up to 17% for posts with more than two hashtags. If you increase the number of hashtags to 3 to 5 on Facebook, the engagement levels may fall up to 416 percent. If you have an account on Instagram, try to get as many real Instagram likes as possible.

Creation of the content

You should take care of the creation of share-worthy and engaging content to gain more social media traffic for your blogs. Make sure that the length of the blog is over 300 words and the Meta tag should include high conversion keywords. To get more attention in the social media, you should be innovative in the creation of blogs and content. You can publish interviews with famous personalities as well as hire freelancers to produce innovative content for your blogging site.


In order to gain more social media traffic, you should take care of the length and quality of content you publish and ensure that your content includes a reasonable number of hashtags to engage more audience. You must publish exciting content, especially visual content, to gain more engagement on the social media.

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