5 Effective Tips for Quality Assurance

Quality Testing

While every human being is liable to make an error, every now and again the expense of an error may be simply excessively high. History identifies numerous instances of circumstances when programming defects have caused billions of dollars to squander or even lead to setbacks, for example, the explosion of Ariane 5 rocket launched by the European Space Agency. That is why ensuring and maintaining the quality of the product has become integral.

Quality assurance (QA) and is the procedure of deciding if a product or specific service meets determined prerequisites. Basically, QA sets up and keeps up the required standards for manufacturing a product. A QA framework is intended to expand customer trust and an organization’s credibility, while additionally improving work procedures and effectiveness, and it empowers an organization to more readily contend in the respective market.In fact, many organizations around the world hire professional and ISO certified software firms who offer quality assurance and testing services, in order to maintain the quality of their product.

The basic nature of any product especially software is normally difficult to oversee: It depends for the most part on the aptitude of its developers and can be guaranteed through code audit, examination and refactoring. Simultaneously, practical perspective can be guaranteed through a lot of committed quality ensuring exercises, which incorporates quality assurance, testing, andquality control.

These three terms allude to marginally various parts of administering the quality of the product. Regardless of a shared objective of delivering a product of the most ideal quality, both fundamentally and practically, they use various ways to deal with ensuring the quality of the product.

As per Google Testing Blog, Quality assurance can be defined as, “the continuous and consistent improvement and maintenance of process that enables the QC job”. Whereas Investopedia defines Quality Control as, “process through which a business seeks to ensure that product quality is maintained or improved and manufacturing errors are reduced or eliminated”.

Testing is the fundamental planned for distinguishing and understanding specialized issues in the product source code and evaluating the ease of use, compatibility, performance, and usability. It is performed by the test builds in parallel with the devoted testing stage contingent upon the methodological way to deal with the development cycle of the software.

5 tips to assure the quality of your software

Since now you know what Quality Assurance is here are 5 tips to assure the quality of your software:

Know your customer

You must always know your targeted customers. Knowing your customers and their needs can assist you in creating software tailor-made for these individuals.

Know your success factors

You must be aware of variables that make the quality assurance of the organization work. These variables can be customer/technical support, well-structured process, products, or a happy employee. Make a rundown of the essential factors that positively or negatively impact the quality assurance so as to persistently and reliably deal with those elements.

You can never be 100 percent sure

There could be countless errors inside a bit of programming. In any case, regardless of how completely the software is tried, we can never be 100 percent sure that there are no errors. We can just increase the quality of software to a certain instant.

Start ensuring the quality of the software as soon as possible

It is essential to begin testing the product as quickly as time permits with the goal that the recognized issues are settled in time and don’t get bigger.

Customer feedback

Customer feedback is extremely essential during the phase of quality assurance. Customer criticism empowers organizations to recognize and take care of small problems before they become a major issue.


There are many instances in our history in regard to quality assurance failures which caused incomprehensible harm. However, testing stays one of the most questioned aspects in the world of information technology. Numerous software proprietors question their incentive as a different procedure, putting their organizations and product at risk while attempting to spare few bucks.

Despite this broad skepticism, testing and QA greatly affects the success of any product. Having a profound comprehension of potential customers, QA specialists increase the value of the product and guarantee its incredible quality.

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