Car Gadgets That are Must Have for 2020

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The automobile industry is swamped with gadgets when we talk about cars. These gadgets are the best companions whether you look for fun or safety. Some of them are so handy that one can’t drive without them once a person gets used to them. It can be a coffeemaker or a jump starter but not all of us are familiar with the gadgets.

An automotive enthusiast may know where he can purchase Bridgestone Tyres in London . But at the same time, such a person may not have any idea about the latest car gadgets? And that’s why we have come up with a must have car gadgets list for 2020. These are the most useful and the coolest ones.

  • AUTO VOX T1400

This is an exceptional gadget and a must have gadget for the rear-view mirror. The camera can be placed above the rear license plate and gets integrated with the rear-view mirror. Thus, you can view footage without using a smartphone or an external screen. It has a 4.3-inch LCD monitor with anti-glare properties and auto-adjusting brightness. In addition to that, its design is robust and water-resistant.

  • Ztylus Stinger

For those who are extra cautious and take safety seriously, Ztylus Stinger is an essential gadget. It can be handy during an accident in case your doors or windows are jammed. This gadget is specifically designed to break car windows and the dashboard. Also, the Stinger comes with a backside blade. Thus, you can cut your seat belt and exit the car quickly.

  • Garmin Dash Cam

This amazing dash cam helps in determining the fault when an accident occurs. It is a GPS-enabled gadget that starts working immediately after an impact. Not only it records and saves video but also capture the location of the car. It also proves vital when it comes to deciding the fault. Plus, you can also use it to shoot a time-lapse video while driving.

  • Bluetooth Tire Gauge

This unique gadget increases your tires’ lifespan and fuel efficiency. ‘FOBO Tire Plus’ makes sure that your tires are accurately inflated. It has Bluetooth capability and takes place of the handheld gauge. Its Bluetooth gauges send information on your smartphone whenever the pressure is low. The best thing is that it continues to work even when the engine is off.

You can set it up within five minutes without seeking the help of a mechanic. Another good thing about it is that ‘FOBO Tire Plus’ is a “theft deterrent”. This means that your gadget won’t work on another vehicle.

  • Handpresso

For all the coffee lovers, Handpresso is a wonderful gift. This is a coffee maker that gets power from 12V port (cigarette lighter). It is a must have for those who often drive long. You only need to put water into it and enjoy a cup of coffee with your own set taste. The gadget is made of sturdy material and can be kept easily in a small space or compartment.

  • Smart Locator

A smart locator is a gadget for those who often forget where they have parked the car. It saves you from the embarrassing walks and doubtful search of your vehicle in a parking lot. This is a Bluetooth tracking device that works through mobile. Usually, it is directly connected to the driver’s smartphone. The device also has USB ports that can charge a smartphone quickly.

  • Hudway Cast

This amazing gadget allows you to keep an eye on your smartphone. It has a portable head-up display that can mirror your mobile’s screen wirelessly. The device shows a virtual image through a transparent lens of 9 feet in front. Thus, you can view the mobile screen display in front of your eyes. Moreover, the driver can control some basic mobile functions as well. Like sharing location, switching tracks and managing calls. It can be used during day and night.

  • Backseat Organizer

Nobody likes a mess in the car rolling around.  The backseat organizer can rescue those who don’t like a mix-up in their car. Whether you are traveling with family or going on a long trip with extra stuff, this gadget is for you. It has various pockets and flexible compartments and an adjustable strap. You can put your snacks, weather gear, headphones, and other stuff in it. In short, it is a gadget to organize the other gadgets in your car.

  • Tile Mate

Thoughtfulness can cost you a chunk of money if you aren’t using gadgets to handle it. Among the most misplaced possession, car keys are at the top. Thanks to ‘Tile Mate’, now you can easily find your keys within a minute. This gadget is Bluetooth-equipped and allows a person to find keys using a mobile application. It is the finest trackers that can even find the keys when these are locked inside.

This list of gadgets are safe and enjoyable and can perform any necessary task. You get to know when your vehicle has a problem and can also make it more comfy with them. These cool yet practical gadgets are designed to assist you, especially in an emergency. So make sure that you have these must have devices with you in your car.

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