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The market for car gadgets is growing rapidly. We see novelty products for styling, safety, and convenience hitting the shelves daily. They empower businesses to make the most of their motor vehicles and put the best face of the company forward. After all, a company vehicle is much more than a functional means of transportation. Equipped with the right gadgets and accessories, it becomes a mobile office and an extension of the branded environment. So, get your hands on some of the latest bells and whistles. Do not just take people for a smooth ride— put up a high-tech show.

Universal Bluetooth Car Kit

This one is already a true staple. It is basically an in-car phone holder with built-in Bluetooth connectivity. Here, I would go for models along the lines of Parrot Minikit Smart. They are easy to attach to the car’s widescreen via a suction mount and they hold the phone firmly in place with a spring-loaded clamp. That way, the driver can receive and conduct business calls with hands completely free and eyes on the road. Products like this do not cost much, yet they make multitasking behind the wheel so much easier.

Digital assistant

Who says that digital assistants are restricted to home or office environments? With a gadget like Logitech ZeroTouch, you can integrate Alexa capability into the vehicle. All you have to do is connect a headset to ZeroTouch and have a dedicated app load automatically. This gives you the ability to issue voice commands, control the music and much more. The dashboard model is a bit more expensive than the vent one, but I would argue that it is absolutely worth it. In fact, it transforms the whole driving experience and makes you feel like a corporate executive form an SF movie.

GPS tracking

Knowing exactly where every vehicle and driver in the fleet is at all times is paramount. Well, this is anything but difficult to achieve with a GPS solution for vehicle tracking. There are versatile platforms that also enable personal tracking, promote workforce safety and streamline multiple fleet management tasks. Some even include historical archiving, vehicle dispatch and job management features. Therefore, they add value not only to the vehicles, but also the business organization as the whole. Take your game to the next level, one that reflects the challenges of the 21st century.

CD Slot Mount Organizer

Next, we have a small plastic organizing tool that fits into the car’s CD slot. Although it is designed to hold CDs, this little fellow is capable of doing a bit more than that. It is a multifunctional accessory with a sticky pad that can serve as a satnav holder, in case you do not want that device to be mounted on the screen. What is more, it is possible to use it for a smartphone too. Therefore, if your CD slot is conveniently positioned, an affordable (you can find it for around $10) CD organizer becomes your main tool for keeping mess and clutter at bay.

Car Vacuum

A vehicle used for business purposes should be sparkly clean inside and out. That is why it is a good idea to always keep a suitable car vacuum in the trunk. It does not occupy much space and performs quite well, even when it comes for as cheap as $30. Most products draw power from the car’s cigarette lighter socket, which means that you do not have to run an extension cord. I would keep an eye on those that have extensions for reaching all the crevices and hard-to-reach places. Your vehicle will appear fresh and clean, just like on the day it was bought.

Satellite Navigation

A satnav device is a must-consider gadget for a business vehicle. There are many models to choose from, but TomTom GO LIVE 1005 5’’ certainly stands out. It not only gets you from point A to B, but comes with some additional features too. There is a worldwide map database, which works like a charm wherever you are around the globe. Live traffic updates and online functions come particularly handy. For example, it can provide a killer restaurant recommendation in an instant using native integration with platforms like Trip Advisor.

Retrofit for success

Well into the booming digital age, adding the latest technology to your company car is linked to multifarious benefits. You can boost the comfort and utility, as well as produce a wow effect. Namely, there are many gadgets tailored to getting more from your car. We have presented some cutting-edge tools that should be on your radar, but do the research and shop around. Feel free to mix and match various features. It is time to tool up and retrofit your company car with tech greatness. Impress clients and customers alike. Cruise around and carry out business tasks on the fly.  

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