5 Gadgets We Hope Arrive In 2017


5 Gadgets We Hope Arrive In 2017

Yes, we are finally in the year 2017, and no we do not have flying cars…yet. The beautiful aspect of technology is that it will never stop, as we are never content with what we have, constantly pushing ourselves to create new and cutting-edge technology. Here are five gadgets we are looking forward to or hope to develop in 2017.

The Injury-Proof Automobile

This technology, proposed by Volvo, invites drivers to enjoy their cruise with an extra layer of insurance . Through the use of various sonar, radar, and other technologies, the company intends to create a system that will both prevent and lessen the impact of crashes and will ensure that both drivers and their passengers will survive virtually any car crash. Other car manufacturers, such as Lexus and Mercedes Benz are looking into this type of technology as well. With the competition in motion to create the safest automobile, this technology may be available in 2017. When you combine this with Uber’s up and coming driverless car technology, the automobile industry could be headed for a complete tech boom that will change everything we know about travel.

The Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s latest console offering promises to be their most diverse to hit the market yet. Featuring a wide variety of control options and a unique design unlike anything seen before, Nintendo fans are eager to see what this new console is capable of. While details are sparse, the technology looks to be a step in the right direction for Nintendo.

Prosthetics That Allow You to Feel

New prosthetic technology is in development that would allow the user to regain their sense of touch. This technology has not previously been available, and users have had to settle simply for functionality in regards to prosthetics. The device connects directly to the user’s remaining nerves and is able to both process the sense of touch, and able to be controlled directly by the user. The one major hurdle that developers still face is creating a processor for the technology that is small enough to be integrated within the implant itself. Check out this video to see the technology in action.

High-Powered Wireless Charging

As of now, there are currently limited options in regards to charging your mobile device, all of which involving the device being next to a charging source, such as a wire or a charging pad. However, the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology is developing a wireless charging method that can be executed from a distance. The tech is capable of wirelessly powering devices up to 15 feet away using a magnetic field. Once this technology is available widespread to the public, it could be a game-changer for the mobile technology market.

The Portable Healing Laser Pen

If you’re an outdoorsy type of person, then this may be the exact kind of insurance that you’re looking for. Imagine that you’re making a trek way out in the wilderness, and you stumble on a rock. You fall to the ground, and you slice your leg open. The blood loss that could result from the injury could be severe. However, with a portable healing laser pen, you’ll be able to temporarily seal up your wound and prevent a dangerous amount of blood loss from occurring.

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