How to integrate your customer journey with SEO Techniques?

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The customer journey has seen a lot of changes due to digital marketing and search engines. Customers take the help of search engines to get in touch with the sales funnel and in this due course SEO plays an important role. It makes the brand visibility prominent and customers can see the products and the services in a better way. If you do not integrate the SEO strategy with the strategy of customer journey then they cannot find you in the online world. The main thing is that SEO strategies at keyword-based and not buyer based and it leads to making the mistake.

What do you mean by Customer Journey?

It is a total of customer experience whether they try to find out products and the services. The interaction of the customer with the brand gives the real picture. If you consider a digital platform, then you will know that the customer journey is complicated. For example-



In the stage of awareness, you will introduce the brand that someone will seek as a solution to the needs. Then, it is time for the customers to move towards the consideration and the research where you can check the competitors, you can read the reviews, and even consult with family and even with friends.

The next stage is conversion, where the customers will trust you and finally make the buying decision. In the post-conversion stage, the customers expect to get the customer service and how you manage the same. In the customer journey, there will be more interaction where one can get the information that the customer needs. If you understand the customer journey, then you can develop a marketing campaign for your company. If you are aware of the route that your customers are taking, then you can work according to their motivation and help them to fulfill their goals.

How does SEO integration help with the strategy of the customer journey?

A search engine is a place where the target consumers will reach to find something that they are looking for. Even online shoppers go to the search engine, type the keyword and then move to the respective websites to look for what they want. Search engines not only help the customers to find you but also give the names of the competitors too. In the search engine, the name which comes at the top has a great SEO strategy.

If you have strong SEO then it becomes your most valuable asset. It will help to turn the intrigued person into paying customer. If you have the right strategy then you will design then your customer will get engaged to buy the service.

Use the keyword strategy and even create a backlink to the content. If the SEO is done right then you will do the marketing funnel also right. You can even create infographics and videos to make the information about the products viable. You can match the customer’s intention with SEO keywords to get better visibility. Suppose you run a taxi app, then the keywords should be related to cars, vehicles, online taxi booking, and these types of keywords.

If you are going through any content for the customers then you must include the provisions of a similar pattern so that customers get attracted to it. A search engine is a smart platform and if customers have any queries, then it will only answer with high-quality content. Backlink strategies and keyword stuffing are nowhere in the picture in today’s SEO practices. Search engines work as a machine where the websites always work to give you the best answers to the queries.

In the customer journey, the common touch points are:

  • Product research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Price checking
  • Delivery options
  • Customer’s service

In the customer journey, these four stages are important and therefore you should know how you can incorporate SEO in a prominent position:


You are now at the stage where you are marketing the brand. Say for example- how to build taxi app it comes under a SaaS marketing plan and in this SEO will have a big impact on the customers. It is also important that you can hear about the brand from social media or from a friend. Then, you can even type in the search result and get feedback.

It is time to repurpose the content. You have to write the content keyword specific so that you can easily be visible on the search engine page. Hence, you have to optimize the website for all kinds of search engines and you can make a good search through effective keywords. It would help if you used a longtail keyword that will create more impact on your business. You also have to be consistent with all kinds of SEO efforts and this will expand and improve search rankings.


Customers at looking for solutions to problems and want to fix them soon. Therefore, the business with FAQs plays an important role and the content you upload must answer all the possible questions that a customer can ask you. It helps the customers to build trust. Therefore, it is a big relief for you and even for the customers in search of answers.

Apart from the FAQ page, you can also have an inclusive content page like BLOG where you can share informative content for the readers who can read and get solutions to their problems. It even shows that the products that you offer are much better than the competitors. It must fall into the SEO strategy. If you want to compare with competitors, then use relevant keywords where you can explain the matter best. In the digital platform taking the help of SEO is a great idea. For example- listing sites and directories. Customers leaving reviews on Google also shows your business credibility and it is proof that they trust your business.

The personalization of commerce will help you in the SEO strategy that will give you a personalized experience and even engage the customers which show the content that you can base on the early action with browsing behavior, purchase history, and even demographic.


Your efforts are coming to notice of their problem and they want to fix it. You can easily make a perfect decision and it eventually led you to the basic return. In this matter, the search must be specific with a perfect purchase intention. Choosing the right keyword will be a part of the content strategy and one should apply it to the product. One should provide the right content at the correct time on the website page. It helps with customers’ knowledge and education which will have a major influence on their purchase decisions. Taking the help of infographics and videos the customers receive knowledge and it can lead to the buying the product.

Post conversion 

The customers already made the purchase and you are here to retain the custom to make the purchase reliable. The content will need to continue the offer value and you can even help to make the most of the products and even for the services where you will get follow-up support. The existing customers will look for you and the returning customers will get what they want to know in the phase. SEO will help the customers loyal in the long-term basis. You have to go for request reviews which will create the loop and even strengthen the SEO which you will go for the consideration phase. It helps in the improvement of customer services. One has to give response to the reviews, especially those negative ones. Checking on the testimonials of social media and even the review websites is another set of content that will drive the traffic.

How does the integration happen?

Well, the model of integration is easy. The phase through which the customer journey will get involved in the online search and there will be a necessity which will involve the three types of searches navigational search, informational search, and transactional search. Now each phase is correlated with a different search query.

Under Customer Journey comes

  1. navigational search
  2. Informational search
  3. Transactional search

Under SEO Strategy comes

  1. Brand Building
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Information-Rich Product Pages

How will you know that integration of SEO strategy works with customer journey?

In the digital marketing strategy, SEO plays an integral part in the marketing strategy. There are different ways through which you can monitor the SEO experiment’s performance. One must map the customer journey and needs to develop the keywords and contents accordingly. It will bring a consistent result in the business growth. The tracking and monitoring of the performance use the analytical tools that you will provide the search engines.

The framework of the customer journey plays an important role and one needs to understand the target market. It provides mapping where you can see how customers are searching in the search engine. It helps in the creation of the content that will target the individual needs of the customer depending on where you will notice in the journey. The targeted, personalized content will help the website rank on the page of search engines.


The entire team will be there in bed to focus and then commit to creating the strong SEO that will help in the customer journey. If you do not do it properly, then the website will not rank better. Therefore, following the entire process will help you gain major traffic and that leads to conversions and all the good things for the website.

Understanding this roadmap will help you take one step ahead and that will make things work your way. It helps you get the perfect result which will give a better result. You should get the best impact on the customer journey so that you can make improvements in your business. It ensures that your business will rise high and you will get the best return with the best feedback that will create a good impact for your business and even for your customers who are already getting the best feedback.

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