7 Must-have Tools That Every Online Learner Should Know About


Today, online learning systems made it easier to learn many things for people around the globe. You can learn new skills, and earn college or university degrees even if you are not able to attend the class in a traditional way. Most people don’t have much time or money to commute to other countries or cities, some have full-time jobs or have families, so they have only the option to learn anything through the online learning system.

Although online learning is a great opportunity, it has some drawbacks too. By learning online, you may face distractions. To avoid distractions, all you need to have is a well-configured PC and a stable internet connection to communicate effectively. Another challenge is that you need to have a quiet place at your home or wherever you take your class from. these are some daunting tasks but these all are one-time challenges.

Thanks to Internet technologies, there are several online tools are available that can help you make your online learning experience more efficient and faster.

We have gathered the information about the 7 most effective online tools that can help you learn most effectively.

Useful Online Learning Tools for Students

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a tool for online learners that helps them to stay organized and on track with their studies. It allows learners to create and manage their own learning space, where they can access all of their course materials and resources in one place. Google Classroom also provides learners with the ability to communicate with their instructors and classmates and collaborate on projects and assignments. You can also ask your teachers to take my online exam for assessing your exam preparations.


As an online learner, you know that time is precious. That’s why Canva is the perfect tool for creating professional-looking designs in a fraction of the time. With Canva, you can create stunning designs for your online courses, social media posts, presentations, and more—all without any design experience.

Canva is an online design platform that’s beloved by online learners and educators for its simple and intuitive design interface. With Canva, you can drag and drop elements to create beautiful designs in minutes. Plus, there’s no need to hire a designer or spend hours learning design software—it is easy to use and beginner-friendly.

Not only it is good for creating course materials and marketing materials, but it’s also perfect for creating visuals for your online courses. With Canva’s built-in templates and easy-to-use tools, you can create engaging course visuals, including infographics, charts, and more.


Grammarly is a great tool for online learners because it can help them identify and correct errors in their writing and it can also help you with your writing style. This can be extremely helpful for students who are working on papers or other writing projects. By using Grammarly, students can be sure that their writing is accurate and error-free. This can give them a great deal of confidence when they are sharing their work with others.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is best for students who want to learn at their own pace, and for those who want to review concepts they have already learned. The site offers a variety of content that is well organized and easy to use. There are videos, articles, and practice problems that cover a wide range of topics. The site is also free to use, which makes it a great option for budget-minded learners.

One of the best things about Khan Academy is that it offers content for learners of all levels. Whether you are just starting out or you are looking to brush up on some skills, there is something for you. The practice problems are also a great way to test your knowledge and see how far you have come.

Overall, Khan Academy is a great option for online learners


There are many reasons why Turnitin is the best tool for online students. First, Turnitin helps online students avoid plagiarism by identifying unoriginal content in their papers. This is important because plagiarism can lead to serious consequences, such as a failing grade or even expulsion from school. Second, Turnitin provides feedback to online students about their writing. This feedback can help students improve their writing skills and make their papers more effective. Finally, Turnitin offers a variety of resources to online students, including a writing center and a library of sample papers. These resources can help online students learn more about writing and avoid making common mistakes.


There are a few reasons why zoom is the best tool for online students. At one, it is quite user-friendly and convenient to use. Even if you are not tech-savvy, you will be able to figure out how to use zoom with ease. Additionally, zoom is great for online students because it allows for a great deal of flexibility. You can choose when and for how long you want to meet with your professor or classmates. This is especially helpful for students who have busy schedules or who live in different time zones.

Finally, zoom is the best tool for online students because it provides high-quality audio and video. This is important for online students because it allows them to see and hear their professor and classmates clearly, which is essential for effective communication.

Google Drive

Google drive is also one of the most famous and common tools for professionals, non-professionals, and students. When it comes to the student’s usage, it is a great way to share documents and files with professors and other students instantly. Google Drive is a secure and user-friendly platform. Students can access any of their files or document from any device and anywhere.


These are the most essential tool that every student and teacher must know about. This list includes grammar checking, class attending, plagiarism, resource finding, presentation designing, skill learning, and video meeting tools. All these tools help you maintain an effective online learning eco-system and to perform better even somewhere more than the traditional learning system. Each of these tools can help online learners in different ways and they are all essential for a well-rounded and successful learning experience.

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