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While creating optimized content, you have to work on; inclusion of keywords, size of the image, readability of the content, and targeted audience. All of this is for conducting adequate content marketing.

Do all of these seem a bit hectic? I guess it may get when you have to work back and forth. Therefore, there is an SEO plugin to help.

These are the supporting hands to make your WordPress document appropriate and adequately use SEO tricks. It is necessary as it brings 55% more traffic.

These are the most useful ones, as without it all, the struggle will be in vain. Luckily, the majorities of them are free of cost or cost negligible amount.

So get ready to know about all the details regarding the must-have plugins that will optimize your website.

Rank Math

The SEO tool of Rank Math serves a similar function as the Swiss army knife. The plugin is packed with all the necessary tasks required to cover the optimization of your website.

You can say this lightweight plugin is a complete package to take care of all. The basic advantage of using this includes the management of on-page and off-page SEO.

You can manage; products, posts, and different taxonomies. The noindex/noarchive/nofollow meta tags belonging to different taxonomies can also be covered by this.

Rank Math

Wait, I have more to elaborate. It can also integrate the Google Search Console with the WordPress Admin board. The package will cost you only $59-$199.

Yoast SEO

The Yoast SEO plugin is the top plugin on the list. It is referred to by the highest number of users and has the highest rating. The plugin is in the headlines because of this continuous upgrade and advanced features.

What adds to this is the website. The plugin has a website that provides premium support options with supportive information in the blogs. These blogs are different for beginners, intermediates, and advanced users separately.

Yoast SEO

The plugin offers opportunities for optimizing five keywords on a page.

Along with this, you can also preview the final look of the page on Facebook and Twitter. This one is my favorite; you can use interlink suggestions to navigate users on other blogs on the page.

Well, these are all the premium features and will cost you almost $89.

SEO Press

If you are worried about the title and meta-description of your age, you have to use this. It is a simple yet effective plugin that provides the management options of titles and meta-descriptions for all kinds of written content.

For sharing your valuable content on social media, there are multiple options provided by the plugin.

You can either create an XML or HTML sitemaps. Or you can track your visitor with Google Analytics. Do you know? In this plugin, you can use almost 75 hooks to set up the plugin.


If you desire to have quality data, you have to use HubSpot. All of the marketing performances are provided by the built-in analytics in the form of a readable dashboard.

The plugin will cost you $45 per month. It is also facilitating the feature of measuring the traffic on your website.


Even this can be altered based on; page size or size of the entire website. Thus you can find grey areas that need more focus.

Wait, there are other bonuses. You can also avail yourself; live chat, email marketing, and forms to enhance your business.

All in One SEO Pack

If you want to perform the on-page SEO using; Schema, AMP, and Knowledge graph, this one is for you. You can estimate the popularity of the plugin as it is downloaded more than 2 million times.

Let’s discuss its features in a more elaborative manner. The plugin facilitates the automatic generation and submission of sitemaps on different search engines, like; Google, Yandex, and Yahoo.

All in One SEO Pack

This feature will maximize your presence on the website. This plugin can also be integrated with another popular plugin you desired to use.

SEO Squirrly

If you are a fresh SEO user, then the above-mentioned plugins can create a little difficult for you. No need to get worried SEO squirrely is here. It is designed for beginner users and costs only $29.99/month except for any typical statement the whole SEO suite will be handled for you.

This one functions differently from the plugins above. When you start using the plugin and type the meta-title, your keyword will be punched in. When you are writing; there is a green light that highlights the inappropriate content. It is like a teacher who is helping you in writing. It optimizes the keyword while writing and also save the previous settings for the article.

SEO Squirrly

The cherry on the top is the comparative feature that compares your competitor’s work and shows suggestions to out-thrown it.

Premium SEO Pack

According to Assignment Assistance UK, the SEO pack contains the features like; sitemap generation and Google Analytics monitoring.

What makes it on this list is the advanced SEO handling feature, 404 checkings, rich snippets, page speed, and CSS that is not present in other plugins.

Along with this, you can also take insights into the internal linking and SEO-friendly image.

Rel NoFollow Checkbox

If you are having a problem creating affiliate links, then this plugin can help. The Goggle evaluates every link that I am being used, and if it misleads, it negatively marks the website.

The Rel NoFollow plugin handles this lacking. You can add the attributes of the plugin to all the external links to secure your ranking.

Rel NoFollow Checkbox

It works as a scarecrow to push away the advertisers. You don’t have to use the plugin for every single external link. Use the checkbox mark during the creation of the link.


This plugin enables the optimization of the SEO across the age at once, letting you save a lot of time. The plugin is also beneficial for using strengthened keywords. I think the majority of you will also find this one significant as I did.


It uses the integration with the Google Search Console for this strengthening. The plugin has a 5-star rating.


This plugin is the best fusion of AI with eh SEO to create an advanced feature for the editors and marketers.

The feature of automating structured data markup will facilitate you to organize the content adequately.


Moreover, the visibility of content is also increased. It provides internal links, semantic-rich metadata, and widgets. It will cost you only $47/month.

Wrapping it up

If you are having difficulty creating optimized content, do not worry. You can simply use the above-mentioned SEO plugins to increase website optimization.

These plugins are the most advanced features that are developed for addressing different issues in the content.

Do tell me if you use any of these and found them useful for optimizing web traffic.

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