Best free and Paid WooCommerce Inventory Management tool

WooCommerce Invertory Management
WooCommerce Invertory Management

Nowadays anyone can set up a WooCommerce Inventory Management tool very easily. But the main problem arises in choosing the best WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugin as each Plugin is unique in itself and has some unique and different features. So it becomes very difficult for you to choose the best inventory management tool that helps in fulfilling the growing demands of your business. Inventory helps in maintaining the stock records and your total assets and their worth so that you may know all your business-related information and needs. In this article will discuss some best free and paid WooCommerce inventory tool for your inventory management. Let’s discuss each of them after the other.  

1. WooCommerce Stock Manager

Pricing – FREE

WooCommerce Stock Manager is a free plugin that is available in the WordPress Plugin Directory.

It helps you manage stocks for simple and variable products.

You can manage stock, stock position, backorder, regular price, sale price and weight for each product and variation.

The color-coded user interface gives you a clear idea about the stock position, and you can take immediate action on any important situation.

You can filter products by various criteria such as product type, category, stock position, etc.

The plugin allows you to export all data from your store into a CSV file. You can edit the CSV file according to your needs and then import it back into your store. 


Pricing: $39/month

This is one of the most popular WordPress Support order management tools that help you deal with the growing demands of growing business.TradeGecko allows you to automate stock updates, stock adjustments, and purchase orders for your store.

Its inventory software syncs your sales with many aspects of your store such as stock level, invoices, and delivery. Detailed reporting and analytics tools provide insight into your customer base and profits.TradeGecko can be integrated with WooCommerce. You can integrate more than one WooCommerce store into a coordinated inventory system.

It helps you sell many channels at the same time and also helps in regular tasks such as making purchase orders and integrating purchases.

Cloud-based accounting systems such as Zero and QuickBooks have been integrated with online TradeGecko to manage your accounting needs.TradeGecko has a free mobile app that you can use to monitor your inventory and create and manage orders

Once you integrate TradeGecko with your WooCommerce store, it will take care of everything.

Once a customer orders on your store, TradeGecko creates a sales order and creates an invoice for it. It ensures that the order is paid to the customer and it will be updated on the system to adjust the stock level.

TradeGecko helps you to sync multiple sales channels. You can sell from your WooCommerce store, a bulk unit, and a third party market. It provides more accuracy in a time-efficient manner. It provides more credibility to your business by avoiding human errors,.You can integrate TradeGecko on your WooCommerce store for a free 14 day trial period.

After that, you can choose a plan that suits your business model. There are different plans starting from $ 39 per month. 

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3. ATM Inventory Management

 Pricing – FREE of cost

ATUM is an advanced stock management plugin for WooCommerce.

The free version gives you full control of all your products from one page.

By using advanced software like ATUM for WooCommerce, business owners can keep track of each item in the stock.

The right management allows for higher profitability, more accurate online inventory listings, and better overall business.

ATUM is more than just one inventory management plugin. Users can set up locations and suppliers, create purchase orders.

Some features include:

  • Inventory logs allow you to increase or decrease the WooCommerce stock
  • The product location feature lets you create multiple storage spaces per item
  • Create custom storage space within a location
  • Add new suppliers and save their data
  • Set default and assign users or locations to different suppliers
  • Pair products with suppliers
  • Customize the look of Stock Central with the ability to add or delete any column according to your business needs.
  • Advanced Search with Auto-fill feature
  • Record any inventory movements in your business
  • Export your complete list to PDF or CSV
  • The core plugin is free. 

4. OrderHive 

Pricing:-$ 50 / month

OrderHive is an inventory management system that has many inbuilt features, many sales, purchase orders, shipping and inventory control orders.

This helps to fix your stock management process, create inventory catalog barcode readers, avoid duplicate SKUs and configured product bundles.

With the order, you can avoid stockout, automatically update the inventory in the channel and warehouse, can detect the rear point and reduce the total cost of the inventory.

OrderHive’s order management system automates your entire order and automates the fulfillment workflow

.The OrderHive adds your list and shipping management to a simple package tracking system, in which the stock levels are automatically updated.

With your list in one place, you can track the performance of each of your products at any time, from anywhere.

The drawer can be easily integrated with WooCommerce.

This will eliminate the problem of manual entries and provide productive inventory and order management solutions. 


Price:  $200/month

Running a successful business in Veeqo involves everything needed by an online retailer.

Packaged with a series of facilities for commerce retailers who want to make their business work, Vico helps businesses become more efficient with the ability to manage a single platform.

By handling many inventions, Veco makes it easy to open.

You can extend your products to Amazon and eBay at the click of a button and can increase sales quickly.

Veeqo allows retailers to sync WooCommerce inventory, manages orders from multiple channels and sends them all over the same platform.

Keeping the inventory accurate in every WooCommerce store, sales channel and market in real-time, Veeqo ensures that you never see the stock again. 


Inventory management is any system that allows you to track the current item inventory. Including sales, delivery, new products added to your stock and much more.

An inventory management system allows you to get an idea of ​​value as well as get a specific number of items you specify in the stock.

The right way to manage your inventory is useful for objectives, accounting, and business insights.

The solutions described in this article should help you organize your list.

If you have a better solution or plugin to recommend, do not hesitate to leave a comment.

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