8 Free applications that every small business need to have on computer

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Back in the time when computers grew to become a part of our lives; they gained a place in our personal as well as the professional lives. The computers are extremely helpful for the proper growth of our business. As it tends to make your work easier and helps you to properly manage it as well. With the advancements made in the technological world, we have developed a huge number of applications and software. These are meant to assist you with your business needs and help you with different aspects. Presently there are millions of applications available that can help you out. But it is really hard to recognize the real ones out of them all. This article covers up the top applications that you must have in your system. These will help your small business to grow and reach the new heights of success.


This is one of the very few software that is purely dedicated to the small business. This application has been on the market for last thirty years. It is still able to cope up with all the changes and technological advancements that are being made. This is used as a reporting engine and indeed is extremely powerful as well. It allows all the business owners to have a look at their business all from a single platform. It also assists them to take the smartest decisions for the betterment of their business. This application is extremely suitable for including the payments in reference to the point of sale.


This application is most often described as the “Quickbooks light” and is meant to provide you improvement in your business. This software is helpful in handling all the client billings accurately, properly and in an efficient manner. The main aim of this very application is to keep this billing on the top of priority list. The accounting basics for the business is properly taken care of, by this application. This makes different ledgers and invoices regarding the payments that are sent and received. It will help you in saving up the extra hours that you wasted in tackling the accounting matters.

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This normally looks like any of the other messaging application but is able to perform a lot of functions other than that. This is much better than all the previous applications that you have been using. This application tends to provide you an organized team conversation platform. It makes sure that none of your conversations or the shared information gets confused. This platform was specially designed for the business purpose only. It also offers you the choice between building your own community or joining the previous ones. You can easily share the resources and documents over here without any of the problems.

Google hangouts

This application helps you out with the video calling and the instant messaging. These are surely helpful for the improvement of communication in your business. This application will help you to video conference with at least twenty-five people at the same time. It is also helpful for you for the presentations and giving the demos; this is because of the built-in screen sharing feature that is provided by this application. You can also stream all the videos live and automatically even connect it directly to your YouTube channel. This application is extremely helpful for your marketing purposes.


Managing the proper working schedules for all your employees and maintain their accurate work status can sometimes be really difficult. This task can be made easier with the help of the Deputy application. It is extremely helpful for you in order to maintain the tasks for them and also for the contingency planning.  Also, it offers you the facility of keeping all your schedules on the cloud and for it to be available online. This really is helpful for the employees to gain access to the data at any given point in time.  You need not worry as each and every working stage of this very application is extremely transparent. This will reduce the chances of your employees claiming that they didn’t know about the work.


This application helps you to maintain your proper stature of the boss. Also, it helps you out in keeping a proper track of your employees working and to know that what they are up to. It will also help you out in tracking the time on Websites and different applications. This will properly give you an idea about the places and websites they are actually spending their time on. This can be really helpful for the achievement of your goals. You can also use this application for reducing the habit of time wastage and invest it in the productive jobs.


This application is used for the social media management and is presently the top one in the field. This application helps you in a huge number of manners to improve your presence on social media platforms. Increasing the social media presence will also have a direct positive impact on your business growth as well. This offers you a lot of features including the scheduling post and follower management options. This will surely provide you a great assistance with your social listening and help you grow your business. It makes you engage on the social media properly. As we know that engaging in a social media application is better than just your presence there.


The Email marketing has been the craze for quite a long time period. This application is surely helpful for your business growth as they help you out in taking your marketing to the next level. This is easily done by automating the sales campaigns for your business. You are given the advantage of creating different customer segments. According to the segments that are formed by this application; it is made sure that the marketing is done by itself by this application. It surely is extremely helpful for your business growth.

For sure, there are many more business applications available but the ones mentioned here are pretty effective and will help in taking your business to sky-high level.

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