How to protect yourself from spam

How to protect yourself from spam
How to protect yourself from spam

Hackers have various methods of getting what they want. And one of the most popular approaches is spam. The term itself origins from the ham brand – Spam. It ordered so many ads that they flooded all the media channels. Since then we call everything all the useless and frequently sent messages spam.

Everyone can suffer from spam – both generic users and website owners. And if all that first one needs to do is to be cautious about the messages and emails they receive and reply to, the second group has to perform more actions. Of course, the first thing you need to do as a website owner is to choose the correct hosting providers. The complete hosting guide will help you out with this mission. Here you will find all the information you need to know about a certain provider and useful tips.

But there is more to do to protect your website from spam.

Use a CAPTCHA plugin

It is one of the most popular anti-spam solutions. With this plugin, you will keep spammers away since they will have to enter the presented combinations of text and numbers. It is also effective against bots since they can’t recognize the distorted symbols. Well, people can struggle with it, too.

Remove auto-responders

Many businesses use them to provide customers with immediate reply sending automatic emails. While the rapid answer is illusionary, the risk to get spammed is rather real. You give away your service email, and it’s only a matter of time and resources for the hacker to send you tons of letters to overwhelm your system and make it go down.

Limit the attempts of login

You can see many websites limiting the number of login attempts. They do it because of two reasons. First of all, they protect user accounts. And also, they don’t allow hackers to overwhelm the system with spam. So it’s one shot two kills.

Use the Akismet plugin

It works great, blocking all the spam on forms. Considering that almost every website has some kind of a form, and it is the most simple way for hackers to start spamming you, Akismet is vital for all website owners. It also protects comments from spam. So while the plugin makes all the job filtering requests, you can relax.

Use session tokens

A real user will always set cookies, while the spambot won’t. That’s your chance to detect one and keep it away from your website. With embedded session tokens the system will not allow the user (or more likely, a spambot) to fill the form if the session cookie wasn’t set.

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Spam is a real issue for both generic users and website owners. Users can have their fun reading emails from Nigerian princes, offering them money. But webmasters have little to none entertainment here. One spam attack can jeopardize the success of your business. So make sure to protect your site.

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