17 useful actions for your Instagram strategy: business checklist


To become a leader in your niche, you need to act. This checklist is for entrepreneurs who want to succeed in promoting Instagram:

Instagram strategy

1. Set your presence goals on Instagram. For example: an increase in the number of mentions on the Internet / an increase in sales / an improvement in customer service / an improvement in brand positions / user involvement, etc.

2. Find out which of your competitors is there, learn how they position themselves, what information is placed in the profile. Analyze their content: find the most popular posts, see the comments and behavior of their active users.

3. Understand your target audience and determine if it is on Instagram, what is its size, conduct market segmentation and identify your potential customers.

4. Make a content plan of publications at least a month in advance.

5. Follow the plan, but sometimes allow yourself to break it – experiment.

6. Pay attention to the reaction of followers and change the types of content.

7. Write texts to publications in the language of your target audience and develop high-quality visual content.

8. Do not overdo it with filters and photo processing, Post publications regularly, but remember that quality is better than quantity.

9. Buy likes only on trusted sites. More information about buying Instagram likes you can find here https://buyiglikesfast.com/ it will increase the reputation of your photos. Do not beg for likes from friends, publish such posts so that you want to like.

10. Arouse interest: engage your audience in discussions and debates. Discuss trends in a niche, use situational marketing techniques. Arrange contests to attract the attention of followers and their friends: ask to link to a profile or mark friends in the comments to the post.

11. Collaborate with opinion leaders and agents of influence in your niche, offer them tangible discounts on your product / service. Encourage users to create content with your product — run custom content contests.

12. Post Stories: conduct polls and polls. Shoot video content to diversify your tape. Hold STOP auctions if you want more comments on posts. Regularly read Direct, do not forget to reply to messages. Check the quality of responses if your account manager works with clients.

13. Use automatic welcome mailings in Direct. Respond to comments on publications in a timely manner.

Monitor the link to your site in the profile description. Check to see if the contact methods you have specified in your account are available. Customize targeted ads. Install a Facebook pixel on the site to collect additional retargeting audience if your Instagram profile serves to drive traffic.

14. Be socially active, leave likes, and sincerely comment on the publications of your followers. Do not leave spam and faceless comments, do not use their automatic mailing – it does not appeal to anyone, rather annoying. There is nothing great about getting a “cool snapshot” for publication, where a person laid out a plastered leg, for example. Drive traffic from Instagram to your website, while using web analytics.

15. Set clear KPIs for employees. Possible metrics include followers, growth in coverage, site traffic from the account, CPC (cost of switching to the site), CPS (price per sale from social networks), active core growth, involvement, brand awareness growth, user generated content growth, ROMI. All agreements on working with the account should be discussed immediately, “ashore”. Agree on payment methods and work schedule in advance.

16. Do not forget to put hashtags, track in the statistics, how many people come to your publication on them. Put hashtags of partners and ask them to do the same. Connect with competitors. Attract new followers with the help of bloggers.

17. Do not leave your login passwords to unverified contractors.

Many want global recognition. Or avalanche of sales. But Instagram alone doesn’t make your product or service better. Before promoting an account in a social network, adjust business processes from within.

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