7 Digital Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In 2020

Digital Marketing Trends 2020
Digital Marketing Trends 2020

The power of technology for connecting people from different countries and cultures seamlessly and its ever-evolving transition into a massive digital marketplace is an acknowledged reality of why digital marketing trends invite curiosity among industry verticals. With a massive appeal to worldwide consumers and businesses, digital marketing stands as an inevitable necessity for capacitating them to expand their reach and exposure to target consumers and foster a totally unified customer experience.

Here the concept is not standalone participation of one contributory element, such as SEO/search engine optimization. It is rather a constituent of diversified essentials, like social media, PPC, marketing automation, email marketing, and many more different strategic participants. Factors influencing digital marketing include emerging technologies, quality standards, and algorithm-driven results of search engines and social media giants like Facebook.  These factors collectively constitute a reason for keeping marketers on their toes. This means pointing out a very significant reality about digital marketing – that its trends are bound to reoccur. Therefore, brands need to be familiar with the upcoming digital marketing trends to stay effective, relevant, trusted, and ubiquitous in the market.

7 Digital Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In 2020

Trend #1 – Ascent of interactive content

The power of employing interactive content that is winsome in all aspects of what it means to be exceedingly convincing, persuasive, engaging, and educative for audiences is an evil necessity for marketers, and this one is set to dominate the digital marketing trend for the year 2020 pretty much higher. Its benefit is significant in light of the fact that Time magazine, in its finding, has revealed staggering detail of extremely limited time attention of average, say less than a goldfish. Meaning an average reader can clasp his/her attention on your posts just for less than eight seconds, which also points out the abnegation of conventional content, particularly those bloated ones optimized for search engine bots than real humans, and which contained less substance for readers.

  • Interactive content is set to influence digital marketing trends for 2020 greatly because –
  • It promotes a higher engagement rate
  • Being, new, fresh and different means interactive content remains stands out more than conventional content.
  • Interactive content promotes the shareability factor thus expanding your brand’s awareness wider.
  • The way interactive content improves the retention factor of a user on your website helps you build a strong database of your prospective leads whereas users get valuable information out of your content. What a win-win situation for both the party!

Trend #2- The Advent Of Powerful Tech

We are to witness the appearance of 5G technology on mobile devices, and rapid progression to be made in the advancement of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and voice search-based technology that will render a great influence on digital marketing landscapes in 2020.

The advent of 5G technology will truly be a revolutionary transformation in the way data is accessed by consumers on mobile phones. With blazing faster data speed, connectivity to the desired content will be a seamless experience, something long overdue. This will apparently cause a dramatic rise in the usage of mobile phones by people from around the globe.

Users will get a totally personalized content experience with the advancement in AI technology. Another technology known as Augmented Reality will enable users to make the right decision based on an interactive visualization of their abstract needs. Say, for instance, a leading furniture retail company has an AR app that improves the understanding of customers by telling them what a piece of furniture would look like in their home before they decide to purchase it. In addition, AR can be incorporated into a digital video personalization tactic thus improving engagement and retention rates greatly.

Technology like smart speakers such as Alexa, Siri, and Google Home would witness rapid expansion as people from around the globe continue adopting them in their lives.

Trend #3 – Personalized Marketing

One of the most influencing digital marketing trends for 2020 would be personalized marketing to improve customer engagement, drive revenue, and enhance brand loyalty.

90% out of 1000 participants in a survey said personalized marketing appealed to them, while 80% consented to set up a business engagement with a brand catering to them a personalized experience.

Trend #4 – Conversational Marketing

Conversational Marketing (CM) would ensure the manifestation of novelty in query processing, messaging, and conversational interfaces for consumers as an effective business model to keep them engaged in real-time by intuitively serving their needs with a solution they seek. With rapid innovation in conversational marketing, it’s a virtually outdated form of live chat/inbound telephonic support system that is now in phase for efficient replacement with chatbots, artificial intelligence, and machine learning cutting-edge technologies.

Trend #5 – Data Management by AI & ML Technology

Imagine how daunting would be the task of systematic management of a massive database that a company has to parse through to finally package the data for its sales and marketing team. With 2.5 quintillion bytes of data produced by the internet every day, it’s humanly impossible to process the information, interpret the patterns and digital marketing trends, and come up with worthy recommendations. This is where AI/ML comes into the picture, streamlining monumental tasks like managing lead scoring and personal insights to customer segmentation to finally improve functional activities across all digital marketing brands.

Trend #6 – Extended Reality

A combination of virtual augmented and mixed reality, Extended Reality or XR is a new emerging catchphrase enabling users to go through fully digitally-immersive experiences in a computer-generated world using headsets. VR and AR technologies would heavily be maximized by companies for training and simulation, and also to improve interactions with customers.

Trend #7 – Blockchain Technology

In contrast to how it was misconstrued as over-hyped and semi-useful technology, blockchain is now one of the most powerful technologies set to display real-world results. With Facebook slated to launch its own blockchain-based cryptocurrency (Libra), heavy investment in this technology by investment giants like FedEx, IBM, Walmart, and MasterCard leave no room for doubt as Blockchain is the next big thing to influence digital marketing trends in 2020 and later.

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