Guide on shopping for a suitable smartphone for you

Guide on shopping

Mobile phones had come a long way from a simple text-based, black, and white user interface. With the evolution of technology, modern mobile phones or smartphones now have a variety of advanced features such as 6GB RAM, bright colorful display screens, high-quality cameras, 4K video playable, a device to device connectivity like the plugin your … Read more

Fixing your Phone- Handling the Common Issues that Affect Modern Smartphones

Similar to any type of electronic device, a smartphone can also malfunction. This may because of usage or age and the lifespan of all electronics consists of the times when they require repair. An advanced smartphone market means that there are more manufacturers and varying functionality, reliability, and quality of different smartphones. With the reign … Read more

RED HYDROGEN Holographic Smartphone – first look

After a number of pre-announcements and a lot of hype, high-end camera maker RED today officially launched its RED HYDROGEN One Media Machine. We were very interested to see what HYDROGEN was, primarily because the RED 8K Helium digital cinema camera recorded the highest DxOMark Sensor score ever ( Read Also Nubia Red Dev Gaming Smartphone Unboxing … Read more

ASUS Teases ROG Android Gaming Smartphone For Computex Reveal

We’ve been hearing quite a bit about ASUS’ upcoming Republic of Gamers (ROG) Android gaming smartphone in recent months. The company first gave us a hint that such a device was in the works back in April, and more recently the phone was tipped to debut at Computex. Today, we’re getting official word that a “new member” is joining … Read more