Fixing your Phone- Handling the Common Issues that Affect Modern Smartphones



Fixing your Phone

Similar to any type of electronic device, a smartphone can also malfunction. This may be because of usage or age and the lifespan of all electronics consists of the times when they require repair. An advanced smartphone market means that there are more manufacturers and varying functionality, reliability, and quality of different smartphones.

With the reign of gadgets ranging from Blackberry to iPhone, as time has gone on, there are numerous brands of cell phones. This is why the phone repair business continues to flourish within the electronics industry on a global scale.

Availability of Repair Services

While a DIY solution may be sufficient for some repairs, most of them need a specialized technician. Attempting to do it by yourself when you lack the knowledge required increases the risk of a disastrous outcome for you and your phone. Fortunately, if you do not have insurance coverage or cannot return the phone to the manufacturer, repair stores are available online and offline.

Diagnosing Phone Issues

Fixing your Phone

Phone repairs can deal with several areas, including the functions and components of your device that may need to be fixed after an accurate diagnosis. The general areas for repair include the functionality of the phone, assembly, and connectivity of hardware components and network transmission, reception, and configuration.

Cracked or Smashed Screen

Smartphone repairs happen when the screen has been damaged. Broken screens need to be replaced with new ones. Any damage to the internal LCD or LCD screen display requires a replacement and minor damage can be repaired. Click here for cell phone repair in Orlando FL.

Damaged caused by Water

A substantial percentage of phone repairs occur after contact with water or other types of liquids or liquid immersion. Such contact or immersion can damage the motherboard, many hardware components, and the circuitry. In many cases, this type of repair involves reconnecting or replacing several parts.

Malfunctions or Damage to Charging Connectors

Some smartphone repairs happen after the charging connector malfunctions or have been damaged. Damage may be caused by electric short circuits or aging. Related problems include a faulty or broken USB connector or dock.

Phone Lock

Phone repairs may be required for the purpose of unlocking the phone after forgetting the codes for unlocking or messing up the security protocols. Professional repair is generally preferable to questionable solutions that may be offered on the web.


Some phone repairs aim to address issues with the network signal. A damaged or faulty receiver needs to be replaced although many problems occur after disconnecting the receiver. Related problems may affect LAN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and connectivity to other devices or the internet.

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Some phone repairs address a malfunctioning or faulty sound system, ringer, microphone, loudspeaker, or speaker. There are times when the phone may not have a voice output because the headphone socket is disconnected or damaged or when there is no audio in the SD card content. There are also times when volume control buttons are lost, damaged, or disconnected and need to be replaced.

Phone Crash

Phone repairs can respond to a phone that crashes due to formatting the system or retrieving data. While crashing leads to a lifeless device, the phone may also not charge if the power button or connector is faulty and cannot boot the phone.

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