Guide on shopping for a suitable smartphone for you

Guide on shopping

Mobile phones had come a long way from a simple text-based, black, and white user interface. With the evolution of technology, modern mobile phones or smartphones now have a variety of advanced features such as 6GB RAM, bright colorful display screens, high-quality cameras, 4K video playable, a device to device connectivity like the plugin your smartphone to view in your smart TV or laptop computer.

If you’re looking to purchase or upgrade your current smartphone, there are a few things you need to consider beforehand. Here’s a guide to choose a suitable smartphone for you.

Display screen size

It is important to have a large size display screen if you’re an avid mobile user. You can browse online, watch videos, and play games better when the screen is wide and you’ll feel more comfortable when viewing. It is what the mobile community called a phablet, a combination of phone and tablet, this type of smartphone is large enough but easy to carry around, unlike traditional tablet where you need to carry it your bag. The best example of phablet smartphones is Samsung Galaxy 8 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Display screen type

Not many people know that there is a different display screen type in modern smartphones. They are TFT LCD, AMOLED, Bravia, and Retina, however the most common use screen type on smartphones are TFT LCD and AMOLED. But what’s the difference?

TFT LCD -also known as Thin-Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display, this screen type often use on latest smartphones, it is a wide size screen type but not as thin as AMOLED. It uses backlight to shine through phone screen pixel to create the phone screen images.

AMOLED – also known as Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode. Unlike LCD that uses a backlight to create a picture in your phone, the AMOLED has pixel that produced its own light. You’ll find that AMOLED screen type usually in more pricey smartphones such as the latest Samsung Galaxy product line.

In terms of difference, it is not noticeable, but if you’re using your phone for multimedia purposes like play games or watch movies, you’ll want to choose the smartphones with AMOLED screen type because it will look better without backlight effect.

Memory RAM

Playing video and games consumed a lot of resources, especially the phone core memory or known as RAM. When choosing a new phone for yourself, consider this; are you going to play 4K video and play modern games in it? If yes, choose a 4GB or better yet a 6GB RAM smartphone that will fit your daily mobile activity requirement.

Battery type

There are two types of battery on the mobile phone, one is removable and the other one is a non-removable battery. In my own experience, it’s better to choose a removable battery smartphone. Why? Because when your mobile phone freeze, you can pull the battery out and hope it can restart the system. However, if it’s a non-removable battery, you’ll not able to do this and it is hard to know if your phone battery had died out or not.

Although it is said that non-removable batteries have a 10 years life expansion where removable batteries only have 2-4 years. If you’re the kind of person who always upgrades their mobile phone when a new product released then I would advise you to choose the removable battery smartphones.

Camera functions

Camera functions would be one of the most sought features for anyone who loves to take memorable pictures or selfies. In most modern smartphones, there is 2 type of camera, front camera (secondary) and back camera (primary). The front camera is where your screen is and at the back of the phone is the back camera. Usually, the front camera did not have a high definition camera pixel as a back camera.

The normal standard for the front camera is 4MB pixel where the back camera can reach as high as 16MB pixel. Although with recent mobile technology development, smartphones with 13MB pixels or more for front and back cameras are released. The best examples would be Oppo F1 Plus and ASUS Zenfone smartphone product line.

Final Note

Be sure to choose the type of smartphone suitable for your daily usage. If you’re a mobile gamer, choose a larger RAM and more core power smartphone. If you’re an avid selfie or love to take photos, choose the one with more picture pixel quality camera phone, or you could choose the combination of both features but it might be a little bit pricey in the end.

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