Comparing Smart Assistants Google vs Alexa vs Siri [Infographics]

Google vs Alexa vs Siri

Smartphones should always keep innovating to make the users efficient in their tasks. A smart assistant is something that is like a virtual robot that resides inside your smartphone. It is meant to take voice commands from the users and in return give you personalized results. At present, there are a total of three giants: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Siri. The fight is to be the best and give users the most relevant results. A smart assistant is not just limited to simple tasks like asking questions of who is the highest-paid actor. You can also ask the assistant to set a reminder or even order something for you.

Google vs Alexa vs Siri

The base of a smart assistant is artificial intelligence and hence they keep getting better with time. The more you use them, the better they become. Almost all the smart assistants work on the same logic, they only differ when it comes to the protocols. The most important thing is to alert the assistants so they listen to us. They are alerted by a cue word, so if you are to alert Alexa, you need to say Hey Alexa, Ok Google for google assistant and Hey Siri to alert Apple’s assistant.

When it comes to working. Not every user may understand the process but it is a very complex, what is even more interesting is the fact that it all happens so fast that you won’t even notice. The very first process is the user uttering a command. Once it is done, the whole sentence is dissected or broken down into small pieces. Post which these short words are sent to the server where there exists an algorithm that does the most important work. It analyzes if the whole sentence is an assertive statement or a query. The algorithm starts finding the best result for the query and once done, it frames the most relevant response possible and sends it back to the smartphone where user gets to hear the query in the voice tone set.

Infographic by Techiespad :

Google vs Alexa vs Siri

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