How to Speed Up Your Smart Phone’s Internet

Speed Up Your Smart Phone

You’re sitting in bed trying to catch up on Twitter to see what you’ve missed throughout the day and notice every time you’re watching a video it tends to load extremely slowly on your mobile device. Why is that? Well there are a plethora of factors that can affect your phones internet speed. Ultimately, it will depend on your internet provider , but there are some tricks that can help speed up and resolve this issue.

If you’re suffering from slow internet speed on your Android or iOS device, here are some tricks for you.

1. Download Performance-Enhancing Apps

There are many apps that can help remove clutter, or duplicate files on your phone. While these may not necessary be directly related to internet, they could help your phone process information faster which results in a smoother and faster experience.

Clean Master

This application is a phone booster and antivirus. It works to reduce junk files, notifications and remove viruses, while scanning background noise to remove all interference.

Systweak Android Cleaner

This awesome app works to organize your phone files and clutter to improve battery consumption which will enhance how all apps run on your device.

2. Disable or Uninstall Unused Apps & Widgets

Did you know that many apps your phone comes with preinstalled can actually be removed? This is something many users are not aware of, but they can drastically increase your phones performance and connection speed.

The first step to take would be to remove any widgets and app from your home screen. These are usually the largest files and take up the most space on your phone. If you’re on android, you have to remove it from the home screen, and then delete it from your files.

A tip to remember is that not all apps can be deleted. There are some that are core to your phone produced by the manufacturer. So remove what you can – and you will see a difference.

3. Install an Ad Blocker App

Ad blockers are a really great resource because they can prevent a page from loading bloatware and unnecessary scripts. This is harmful to page loading time because your phone will use your internet to load pieces of content that you don’t even want to see. AdBlockers can be installed in the App and Google Play store. Depending on your preference and which one you want to use will be up to you.

Something to remember is that Adblockers can actually interfere with website performances. So if you notice a page you regularly visit acting weird, just disable the adblocker for that page and it will behave as normal. The result of a properly adblocked page is a smooth user expeirnece with blazing fast page speed. You’ll definitely notice the difference.

Other Options for Phone Speed

If you’ve taken all these steps and still notice your phone’s internet isn’t as fast as you hoped, consider on taking your phone to your service provider and making them aware of the problem. Chances are there are settings or maybe a configuration error. They can help diagnose and fix these issues with ease.

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