The Only Reason to Play Mystic Messenger

Mystic Messenger
Mystic Messenger

The STORY. This element is the ONLY, but the most important reason to play Mystic Messenger. Well, at least for me.

This game was introduced to me by my daughter. I thought it was cheesy at first, but what I liked about it is that it allows my daughter to determine different personalities. As the story moves on, characters show their true colors, making the player realizes whether he or she made the right choices or not.

 A Little Background

Mystic Messenger is a text-based otome game released in 2016. It immediately garnered a lot of attention, especially from teenagers and young adults, not to mention an old mom like me.

As it quickly rose to fame, many gamers played it back to back, unlocking any and every secret, routes, and endings the game has.

What is a text-based otome game?

As I said earlier, Mystic Messenger is a text-based otome game. What, you say?

Well, text-based games are pretty straightforward. They’re games made to look like you’re texting someone. Sarah is Missing is a famous example. Though not wholly text-based, Sarah is Missing can exemplify easily what a text-based game is.

Otome is a Japanese term for dating simulator (‘sims’ as my kids say), where you are given multiple love interests and have to win over your favorite one. While this is more popular with female players, there are some dating sims made for males. Better yet, there are some aimed for the LGBT community.

This, if you combine text-based games and dating sims, you get something like Mystic Messenger.

The Story

Now that you know what a text-based otome game is, let’s take a look at Mystic Messenger. Buckle up kiddos. It’s about to get meta (got this term from my kids too, I’m enriching my vocabulary).

I’ll try not to spoil you much, as the story is best played blind. Nevertheless, it starts with you, the player, finding a phone, in which you get a message from a stranger directing you to a house of an important person.

Through the phone which only has a messenger function, you find yourself chatting with multiple men and one woman. There’s Zen, Yoosung, Jumin, Jaehee, 707, and V. The woman named Rika is the owner of the phone but is already dead. Somehow, it’s become your duty to continue her work.

Your new work is hosting parties for Rika’s Funding Organization (RFA) and make it a successful one.

While trying to invite guests to a party, you are to pursue a character of your choosing. This may seem easy at times as you see colored hearts whenever you make a choice, the only problem is that the game operates in real-time.

It’s like a real group chat where some people are awake at around two in the morning playing games, or they can’t sleep. You’re going to have to be present for several chats to win a person’s heart, so prepare your coffee because it’s going to be a long night.

These events all happen in 11 days, answering emails and inviting guests, at the same time, unraveling the mystery behind Rika’s death and the organization’s history.

The Characters

Here are some necessary details on the love interests that might help you on your way to wooing them.

First off is Zen or Ryu Hyun. Zen is the typical, narcissistic pretty boy. He’s a musical actor and is quite a character when you get to know him. He’s probably the most natural ending to reach, as all you have to do is compliment him and always side with him, so I suggest going with him first.

Then there’s Kim Yoosung, the youngest of the bunch. He’s a student and loves to play games, specifically LOLOL. He’s quite easy to get too, maybe as easy as Zen, except he’s awake at around midnight. He barely sleeps, and most active during the night whenever he plays LOLOL. He’s also really struggling with school, so if you want to get him, don’t insult him and be as gentle as you can.

Jumin Han and Jaehee Kang. Jaehee is the only female love interest and is the assistant of Jumin. Getting them is quite the same process; the only difference being Jumin likes cats, and Jaehee especially hates Jumin’s cat. They’re both hardworking and would love to be supported but still needs love and attention.

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Then we get to 707 or Seven for short. My absolute favorite. He’s also one of the hardest to get, second only to V. His real name is Choi Saeyung, and he’s a happy-go-lucky guy. He also likes cats and likes to sneak into Jumin’s place to play with his cat. He’s got a tragic past, and I haven’t gotten him yet.

Lastly, V. Real name Kim Jihyun, V is a photographer and Rika’s old fiancé. He’s arguably the hardest since he’s still hung up on Rika. Going through with V’s route will unravel the whole story, so I suggest doing him last also because he’s hard to get.

My Ending

Honestly, I wouldn’t have stopped if it weren’t for the outrageous chat times and my absolute need to work and sleep. I’d probably get back to it in the future when I’m ready to not sleep or work for a week and a half.

There’s also the fact that I’ve tried, multiple times, to get Seven’s ending. I’ve never won once, even though I’ve gotten all the emails right and invited everyone I can. In extreme frustration, I uninstalled the game from my phone. I haven’t played it since.

I suggest finishing the whole game. I haven’t experienced the entire story myself nor have my kids, but we’ve all gotten pretty close. We read most of it online. It would be best and a lot more satisfying to play and find out the story on your own. Though I understand that it can get frustrating, but still, it’s worth the effort.

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