Fix Blue Screen of Death Error in Windows 10

Blue Screen Of Death

Facing blue screen of death Windows 10 is arguably the most frustrating error on Windows. This is because you get no more information about why that error has occurred. All you get is a blue screen and some error code. There are some ways to fix this error  If you got the blue screen error … Read more

Seven ways to take a screenshot in Windows 10

take a screenshot in Windows 10

You are familiar with the Windows 10 new way to take screenshots. The tool known as the Snipping Tool is no longer here; Snip & Sketch is the new one. (Actually, the Snipping tool is running at least during this Windows release, but Microsoft will be removing it.) This is how the new Snip & … Read more

Here’s Why You Should Delay Windows 10 Updates

windows 10

Within the next few days, Windows 10 April 2019 Update (version 1903) will be made widely available as a general release. While the update will arrive in stages, some businesses and consumers will start receiving the upgrade on day one. However, despite the excitement of a new release with lots of features, you should really … Read more