Importance of Cross-platform applications

Cross-platform applications

No doubt, among mobile app developers, the concept of cross-platform mobile app development is taking a great swing. And why not? Afterall the cross-platform is helping developers to write code once for all the platforms be it iOS, Android or Windows. 

We can hence say that the cross-platform development over the native approach is accepted by developers across the globe because of the fact that it makes the entire development process agile. 

Also, before nodding yes to a particular technology or deciding whether the cross-platform approach is the right strategy, it is important for organizations to first understand users demands. 

To this, there is a smarter approach that makes developers study and analyzes various parameters such as customer demographics, diverse mobile devices used, coverage of supported platforms, customers’ interaction with apps, etc. to see if a cross-platform solution is a right choice or not.

Once done with analyzing various parameters and seeing if cross-platform fits in properly in the app development approach, it then becomes mandatory to see advantages lining up in the list of cross-platform. Let’s check out those advantages too-

Reusable codes

Just because of Cross-Platform, mobile app developers instead of writing fresh codes for each and every platform, they can reuse the same codes across all the platforms. 

Furthermore, due to not writing the codes again, the process cuts down the repetitive tasks, thus eliminating drudgery. 

Cost control

Due to cross-platform, businesses are not required to spend a huge amount of different tools and technologies in order to develop an application, that too for different platforms. 

Fast development time

When a single script is deployed, the overall app development speed gets faster. In addition to this, the speed of launching the application sooner in the market becomes the attached advantage of cross-platform app development. 

And the remaining time can be utilized for making plans, and strategy along with ideas to work on codes for new applications. With it, developers, users as well as the app-owner get advantages, be it in terms of quick development times, reusable codes, before time app launch

and not spending too much on different tools and technologies in order to develop the app for different platforms. 

Easy implementation

With the advancements in techniques and technologies, there are numerous technologies available in the market. Technologies like PhoneGap and Appcelerator do offer a cross-platform solution along with making it easier for developers to make changes in it as per the requirements and needs. 

Let’s understand it a little bit, with a tool like Appcelerator can easily be written in HTML5 and can also be converted for different platforms. Not only does this make the development of apps quicker, but it also becomes easier to sync updates across all mobile devices.


With cross-platform app development, the overall look of the application across all the platforms can be easily maintained due to the usage of the same set of codes. 

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So, these were some of the advantages cross-platform app development approach and there are many other on the list. Meanwhile, if you are planning to develop an app for your business, make sure to ask the mobile app development company if they can provide service related to cross-platform app development.


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