Web App or Mobile App: Which is the Best Choice for a Startup?

Web App or Mobile App

Choosing between a Web App and Mobile App is critical for startups, particularly in a booming technology market. With the total revenue expected to show an annual growth rate of 8.58% from 2022 to 2027, this choice could be the defining factor for success. Also, the projected market is expected …

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Choosing app development company: 10 Factors to Consider

Choosing app development company,Factors to Consider for Choosing a mobile app development company,Choosing a mobile app development company,selecting an app development company

Get an app made for your company With more than a thousand apps developing every day, the competition for customers in the mobile app development industry is tough. Due to the fact that 49% of users use mobile applications 11 or more times each day, they offer enormous commercial potential …

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Internet Marketing for Muay Thai Brand

mobile marketing

Internet marketing is the backbone of modern customer-generating activities. As more businesses enter the industry, the company’s competition is rising. It would be challenging to thrive in the growing need for customer acquisition. As the business demand widens, you will notice that the digital realm is also undergoing a significant …

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How AI impacts Mobile app development


A couple of years ago people couldn’t have imagined that they could search for anything with their voice or that their mobile would automatically send messages to hundreds of people without humans directly sending them. However, today it’s hard to imagine the internet without AI-built custom apps which find us …

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