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Mobility is gaining immense popularity, particularly with food ordering and delivery platforms. The focus has shifted to online hyperlocal meal delivery as millennials increasingly prefer to order food from local restaurants to traditional dining. Talabat, a meal delivery service that delivers on-demand meals to your door, offers an unlimited range of cuisines from local restaurants. How does Talabat work? To learn how the Talabat makes money, read the entire article.

Food ordering and delivery apps make life simpler and more efficient by offering a wide range of restaurants and single-click payments. Meal delivery apps don’t convey amenities but simplicity and service features. They convey convenience to all levels of the clientele.

Online food delivery is highly competitive, with every competitor offering something different. The global online food delivery market is expected to reach US$42.7 billion in 2020, despite a pandemic. Market size is expected to grow at 29.4% annually between 2020 and 2027, reaching US$259.7 billion by 2027.

These days, customers need everything with a click. Online food delivery services are a vital part of our daily lives. Online food ordering apps have made it possible for food lovers to order their favorite foods from their couches and deliver them right to their doorsteps.

What is Talabat?

Talabat, an online food ordering platform, was founded in Kuwait in 2004. Talabat is an online food ordering platform that operates in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Saudi Arabian, Oman, Bahrain, and Oman. Delivery Hero, the parent company of Talabat, has raised 15 Billion USD in convertible bonds and is now one of the largest food ordering companies in the Middle East.

Talabat Success Story to Dive in!

Talabat is a Kuwaiti startup founded by Khaled Al Otaibi in Kuwait and Abdulaziz al Loughani in Kuwait. The vision was to make meal delivery easy for both customers and restaurants. Talabat, an Arabic word that means “order,” is the inspiration for its name.

Online meal ordering has revolutionized the delivery of meals in the MENA region. Since the dawn of modern technology, the delivery company has provided customers with fast delivery and easy delivery, efficient communication channels, and accurate tracking facilities.


Zomato sells a $172 Million food delivery business to Delivery Hero in UAE. So forcing Uber Eats to close its UAE operation. Talabat has also been delivering groceries and pharmaceuticals and has been venturing into eCommerce by providing deliveries to customers in 30 mins or less.

Talabat is a food and grocery delivery platform in the MENA region. The delivery company offers its services in more than seven countries. If you are looking to invest in multi-million-dollar industries, it is good to get started with delivering any app that works efficiently.

Talabat Business Model: How Talabat Works To Offer Amazing Experiences

Based on a hyperlocal business model, Talabat delivers services with a primary focus on the meal delivery sector. A Talabat business model comprises modern techniques that ensure a smooth purchase experience offered to customers. This company bridges the gap between customers and food stores.

The website and app customers can use to place orders for food and other daily necessities. Customers can view the restaurant’s menu and select their favorite dishes from various choices. It is similar to how other hyperlocal on-demand services work.

Value Proposition


Talabat’s main customers are those who order ready-to-eat food. Talabat’s business model makes it easier for customers to get their favorite meal at their doorsteps. This platform is available to customers who wish to buy essentials at grocery stores, restaurants, and other products.

Customers can pay with cash, credit/debit cards, or online payments. Customers can track their orders online and see the expected arrival time. They can also quickly give feedback and ratings to both the delivery person and the restaurant after receiving an order.


Restaurants looking to expand their business can sign up for a delivery platform that offers many features. Restaurants can now serve customers in different areas thanks to the ease of Talabat’s delivery platform. It opens up new opportunities for them. It allows restaurants to reach a wider audience and stands out from the rest of the market.

Delivery Partners:

If you are a delivery agent looking to make more, Talabat can help you register. They can work on their own time and inflexible hours. They are not restricted to the amount they receive from the company; They can even earn an additional amount from customers’ tips.

The revenue model of Talabat: How does this delivery giant make money?

Talabat has become a market leader globally. The company has discovered cost-effective ways of growing its customer base worldwide. The company’s strong market presence is possible to the Talabat business model. But do you know how this delivery giant makes its money? To find out, check out the Talabat revenue model.

Talabat, like all food delivery companies, relies on reliable revenue streams such as:

  • Commissions;
  • Delivery fees
  • Advertisement.

Let’s look at each to see how Talabat makes its money.


Talabat charges 15 to 20% commission from restaurants on every order customers make using the platform. It allows them to get more business while reducing completion. The platform focuses on exclusivity, assisting restaurants to pay a 5 to 10% lower commission rate.

Delivery Fees

Talabat does not require customers to place a minimum order size. It helps customers to accept orders of any size. The delivery charge decreases as your order size increases. Delivery charges for meals are not fixed. They depend on many factors like distance, order size, etc. Delivery rates are generally higher during peak hours and late-night deliveries, among other things.

Advertising Prices

Talabat offers two types of advertising opportunities for food stores:

Banner Advertisements: Restaurants can get more exposure by displaying their banner ads.

Priority List: This type of restaurant can get a chance to list on the top listing.

Talabat uses a unique revenue model to generate high-quality revenue. The same strategy can generate income for your food delivery and ordering business.

Apps like Talabat have must-have features

Talabat is functional and works because of its many modules and features. These modules are classified under the following categories:

  • Panel/ User App
  • Restaurant app/ panel
  • Delivery provider app
  • Admin panel

User App/Panel

Apps and panels allow customers to register, search for restaurants, browse menus, etc. You can use the panel and customer app to access some exclusive features.

  • Sort & filter
  • Add Ingredients
  • Track Order
  • Simple payment
  • Schedule order
  • Takeaway for customers
  • Add favorite
  • Receive Notifications

Delivery Partner App

It is easy to use and has many functionalities. These include:

  • Quick Login
  • Manage request
  • Profile Status
  • Manage Document
  • Earning History
  • In-App Map Navigation
  • Manage Multiplier Deliveries
  • Customer feedback

Restaurant App

The restaurant app has advanced features that help them to manage all aspects of their business efficiently. Below is a list of features that you should include:

  • Manage Order Status
  • Order History
  • Manage your profile
  • Configure your store
  • View Order Details
  • See feedback

Admin Panel

The admin panel features exclusive features that make it easier for admins to take complete control of business activities. Here are the following features of the admin panel:

  • Manage Food Categories
  • Manage Promo Code
  • Take-Away and Pickup Orders
  • Set Surge Price
  • Contact Less Delivery

You have many options to include in your Talabat-like app. Have a look at the complete features list to know which you can consider including in your app 

Talabat App Development is a great investment opportunity

You can have a lot of opportunities, whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or a business owner. Here are some top reasons why you should invest in food delivery app design:

  • Guaranteed Growth
  • It’s easy to get an investment
  • There are endless possibilities
  • Target Gen Z and Millennials seamlessly
  • This guide will help you run a customer-friendly business
  • Global Opportunities

Get an app like Talabat at a low cost!

You will not find the perfect price for Talabat-like apps. Many factors affect the Talabat-like app development cost.

  • Type and size of the app
  • Selection of device and platform
  • Functionality and features included
  • Platform complexity

An app’s development cost is affected by many other factors, similar to Talabat. If you want to launch your delivery business online, get in touch with us. White Label Fox promises a Talabat-like app with all the essential features that will help you grow your business at a budget-friendly price.

Ending Note

Talabat’s business model allowed the company to cover a large distance and become a market leader. It is the largest delivery company in the Middle East, experiencing rapid growth in the food delivery industry. Food delivery companies have the potential to expand in many regions and make millions of dollars.

Delivery companies have new opportunities due to the growing demand from customers for hot meal delivery. Many delivery companies are now using app development companies to help them launch their online business. White Label Fox can also help you if you want to enter the competitive market.

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