Unique Ways: Export/Switch Excel (XLS) to vCard (VCF) Format without Tool

In brief, are you stuck and need to convert Excel to VCF without using any software? You’ve come to the correct site if you answered in the affirmative and are eager to learn the proper method for doing this task—how to convert Excel to VCF. This is an excellent place to get the answer to your question. We discuss a few excellent ways to smoothly finish the conversion procedure. Learn the ideal method by reading this article.

A Deep Overview of Excel Files to VCF

Microsoft Excel is, as everyone knows, one of the most used programs for keeping records of large amounts of data and managing hierarchies. Many users utilize Excel sheets to store their contact information. due to the fact that it is kept in a table with unique fields. Excel files, however, have an application dependence issue that prevents you from opening them with anything other than Microsoft Excel or other Excel-related programs.

On the other hand, the vCard file format is commonly used. All of a person’s data, including their phone number, email address, and last name, is stored on it. Moreover, a lot of email applications allow you to use vCard files on mobile devices. It is therefore quite simple to transfer this file.

Users can need to convert Excel to vcard format for a variety of reasons. It can only be opened using the application, as we previously said. There are more restrictions. Excel uses the XLS file format for data storage, and no email client or program can open an XLS file. Let’s go right to the conversion procedure so you don’t get confused.

Motives for Transforming an Excel File Into a vCard File

  • An Excel file was used to build the little vCard file. VCF files are smaller in size.
  • Users can import the XLSX file onto numerous systems by converting it to the vCard file format.
  • vCard files are more accessible than Excel files, as Excel files are limited to usage within the MS Excel program.

A No-Software Way to Convert Excel to VCF for Free

You should be aware of the three parts of this method before beginning if you want to convert XLS files to VCF without the need for software. It is not conceivable to convert Excel files directly to Vcard; instead, Excel files are saved in the XLS format. Therefore, you need to convert the XLS files to CSV format previously.

Part 1: Create a CSV file from your selected files.

  • Open your Excel files first.
  • Select the File option by clicking on it.
  • After choosing the File option, the CSV choice will appear.
  • In order to finish the conversion, click Save.

Section 2: Bringing Contacts into the CSV File

Once the Excel file has been converted to CSV format, the user has to import the contacts from the CSV files. Take the actions listed below.

  • To begin, input contacts into the search window by clicking the Start button.
  • Select the result that shows after selecting the Contacts tab.
  • The ribbon bar will then present you with an import choice.
  • Navigate to the Import Windows Contacts menu and choose Import.
  • After looking over the selected file, move on to the next step.
  • Lastly, use the Finish button to complete the answer.
  • Lastly, you may use this method to convert Excel to VCF without using any additional software.

Section 3: Export your Excel Conversion Files in VCF Format

  • Use the search bar to find contacts, and then move them.
  • Choose the vCard/VCF file format by clicking the Export option after that.
  • Select the destination for the VCF files after clicking the Export button.
  • For the conversion to be finished, click OK.

Restrictions with the Manual process

There’s no other method to convert Excel to VCF without software, and I understand that this is a lengthy response, so please bear with me. It’s a lengthy and demanding process, even if the solution is compatible and only requires three steps. Data integrity is also severely jeopardized. Although these restrictions provide significant obstacles, we are aware that it is capable of finishing the conversion.

Automated Method for Converting Excel Documents into VCF Format

If you’re looking for an easy alternative and the instructions, we present you the best way to complete this laborious conversion in a matter of minutes and clicks. technique isn’t your thing. For Export/Switch Excel (XLS) to vCard (VCF) Format , the best tool is the DataVare Address Book Manager Tool. All Excel spreadsheets (XLSX, XLS, CSV, and vCard) are supported by this utility. You won’t lose time using this program, and technical expertise is not required. This tool needs certain capabilities in order to function. Go ahead and look at the program; you can also look at our demo version of it.

Effective Methods for Converting Excel to vCard Format

  • On your PC, install and run this program.
Address Book software
  • Add an Excel file now and examine all of the data.
  • View the list of match qualities after that.
  • You can now easily convert Excel to VCF format.

In a Nutshell,

We go over the question of how to convert Excel to VCF without using any software in this post. While we provide the fastest manual approach currently accessible, the manual solution is complex and takes a while to master. As a result, we also provide you with an automated way to do this conversion with only a few clicks.

A Few Queries Posed by Users

How can I manually convert VCF files from Excel?
Indeed. It is possible for users to convert Excel files into VCF files. But keep in mind that there are certain limits to manual approaches. You can use manual methods if you possess technical knowledge.

Can an Excel file be exported to the VCF format?
Indeed. It is possible for users to export Excel files to the vCard file format using both manual and expert solutions. If you’re not computer savvy, you can easily convert XLS to vCard files by using specialized software.

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