TOP Five Trends taking over the Gaming World


The way people pass their leisure time has been dramatically improved in the last few decades. The world has never seen such quick advancements as it has over the previous few years, and hence the shift in the habits has been extraordinary.

Physical sports have been the man’s first choice for entertainment since the beginning of times. Though it is still one of the preferred options, now there are many indoor alternatives available. Cards, boards, dart, and even arm wrestling, humans have always found exciting ways to spend quality time. However, the introduction of technology has changed the entire dynamics of how we view entertainment. Now humans do not only entertain themselves with a wide range of options, but they also indulge in friendly challenges sitting on the two different sides of the globe.

The introduction of gaming hardware, modules, applications, and advanced technology has not only revolutionized the idea, but it has also stolen much of the focus from physical activities. Gaming consumes so much time that people are getting concerned about their digital well-being and the psychological impacts it has on a person. However, that is a discussion for another time.

The innovation of scientists has not spared gaming either. As the competition grows, companies try their best to better their rivals so that more customers can use their products, and gaming is not an exception. Well, getting the latest gaming laptop available is mandatory to enjoy the best features, but what else is making impact slowly but surely? Keep reading, and you will know soon.


Gone are the times when you ran out of internal memory on your phone if you downloaded a few more applications than it could handle. Nor are these the times of minimal RAM spaces that could not handle applications occupying more than a few MBs. The paradigm shift in the technology of smartphones has also altered the way people would think of games. Mobile games such as PUBG have not gone unnoticed by the masses as you experience the buzz around it.

Smartphones have made it possible for users to enjoy games without spending a fortune to get the necessary gaming hardware. All they need is a device that they already carry around in their pockets, hint; they use it for calls and texts too. Though one could imagine that the user experience would differ by a mile, the fact that the latest games are more accessible is hard to ignore. As mobiles improve, the games have also gotten better with time. Though, delightful, old games such as candy crush require much lesser memory and processing capability relative to modern games. Some social scientists raise concerns about the increasing trend of mobile gaming, blaming it for causing anxiety; other studies suggest that they are not such a big problem.


Many of you would remember the game Pokemon Go, based on one of your favorite anime. What made your childhood dream of becoming Ash Ketchum possible was a technology that has broad applications; augmented reality. Simply put, AR is a technology that helps you view and interact with digital objects in the real world. Many other companies use the same technology, such as Snapchat, that allows you to view your live bitmoji in the environment around you. The way usage of Pokemon Go went off the charts is an evident prognostication that another augmented reality gaming application taking the world by a pleasant surprise is just around the corner. Innovation matters the most as you cannot only use an already implemented idea and expect to get better or at least the same results.


Taking augmented reality a notch further, the world of gaming is embracing virtual reality. VR was around for quite a while, but gaming still lacks its prevalence owing to it being a bit on the expensive side. However, the good news is that VR technology is closest to gaming than it has ever been. Games such as Minecraft already have the option to play them in virtual reality, and as we move forward, more games will embrace the technology.


You are already familiar with Livestream as anyone can go live on youtube, Instagram, or any applications that give the option. However, gamers were feeling left out as many people are interested in watching the pros live either due to sheer curiosity or to learn a thing or two. As gaming involves massive amounts of graphics, it meant that the file getting uploaded live was too big for live streaming to become a reality. As internet technology improves and the world moves towards 5G, lightning-fast internet has made this dream a possibility. More games are now providing in-game streaming options, so people do not have to rely on third-party applications that are sometimes dangerous due to malware, so if your teammates call you a noob, time to watch some pro streamers and learn all the tricks to shock them.


Most of the famous games that you see in the market are categorized as AAA-games or Triple-A games. These games are developed by midsized to big corporations having millions of dollars as an R&D budget. However, another category of games is the Indie games, an acronym of sorts for independent games. As the name suggests, self-employed individuals create these games with limited resources. These individuals have stepped up their game and now making games that directly compete with the gaming giants. The gaming community is developing a better appreciation of Indie games as they are equally or sometimes more enjoyable.

CONCLUSION As long as the tendency of humans to innovate remains alive, the gaming industry will see drastic changes in the way we see games. New technologies have made gaming much more delightful and interactive than ever before. State of the art augmented reality is helping us see digital objects in the natural environment, and the future holds a massive promise to entertain us. Furthermore, people are also finding it much easier to see their favorite gamers play live, which was a far-fetched idea just a few years ago. The way games are changing, we cannot predict with any certainty what the future holds for us. What we are sure about is that they will not stop entertaining us any time soon. 

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