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There are two approaches which you can follow now:

1. For all the chaos surrounding the economy and world, or

2. withdraw and play defense.

Go on the offensive, manage the narrative of your company, and move a little more material. I’m selecting the offense individually. I am in charge of growing my social media posting and moving my brand forward, unlike a lot of other factors (like where my next TP stash will come from).

With COVID-19 keeping much of the country on lockdown, this is shaping up to a year of overloading Instagram-consumer, opening up an opportunity for content creators and marketers to start engaging a little more with their audience. I’ve seen loads of users hacking out new ideas, especially on Instagram Live. While devastating and upsetting in several respects, this incident has also served as a litmus test for brands and their social media strategy.

ZulWeb is the best platform for blogging learners and social media influencers and as an opportunity to start reassessing the Instagram resources you already use and what could be improved, I’ve decided to put together a collection of 10 — each of which I’m currently using across my various businesses and brands — that can help you start preparing and evaluating how to grow your followers during this otherwise challenging time.


Why use Instagram competitor TikTok as a tool for Instagram engagement? Throughout Instagram Stories, the content format and editing are becoming increasingly the new standard among men. More and more people turn to TikTok to create short videos with a story (similar to a longer Vine), creating a new content platform that wasn’t before. Also if your Instagram still has a strong dedication to its posts, learning how to create “TikTok style” content will help you stay ahead of the curve while also encouraging you to start building an audience on a different platform.


An excellent choice if you want to quickly develop your follower base, ViralRace helps you to bring your content to the people who will enjoy it the most. The program allows people to send their profiles out to a large range of people and then follow the account with thousands of other users. The software is a custom AI engine that geo-targets followers to get leads in price, which is what made me feel convincing as a customer. I’ll note that since it doesn’t use a bot or fake followers from a farm, the construction is simple, but built with genuine people who will stick with you. Given how much Instagram sweeps to get rid of fake followers and bots, a tool like ViralRace is an effective, economical way to gain more long-haul traction, which I highly suggest to get a solid base going.


One of the most intuitive and innovative design tools to be released recently, Figma gives Adobe a run for its money (especially because Figma starts pricing out as free, versus Adobe, which provides free trials only). Beyond pricing, Figma is a seamless collaborative-design platform for the team collaborating on projects in real-time. It is especially helpful if you work with a pair of copywriters / graphic designers or have several hands-on design schemes for your Instagram. I don’t always come across goods that have successful cooperation and when I do, I still stick with them.


With all the talk of influencer-marketing strategies, BuzzSumo begins with the best of them. Giving you a deep dive into what the follower count of each influencer is like average engagement, and rating for your Instagram, the app lets you get the best ROI from your marketing campaigns that affect you. While it’s a bit pricier given that it’s tailored for professional teams if you’re really trying to scale up your influencer marketing fast it’s still a good consideration.


Later one of my favorite items for preparing and scheduling your content for Instagram is from the team that gave you LinkInBio (a grid-formatted interface for linking content on Instagram posts). Later, it has a clean and simple UI and offers simple-to-understand analytics. With competitive pricing beginning at free for individuals, you can certainly not put a hold on checking out later.


Considered one of the most influential visual groups out there by many, VSCO is where you need to go for any and all visual inspiration. Since their photo editor is VSCO’s primary device, they have had some skin in the game since the early days of Instagram, rising to be one of the biggest treasure troves of different styles and shots from some of the best in the world. Consistently going strong for nearly a decade now, VSCO is a classic to the social media arsenal of any Instagram pro.

Union Metrics

Later, Union Metrics, an alternative-analytics company, has a comprehensive monitoring tool that looks at Instagram and which content they have gravitated toward. Explaining data in a relatively straightforward way, Union Metrics will help you make educated decisions about what sort of content you will publish, and what time is the most advantageous.

Promo Online Video Maker

The Promo video maker can help amateur creators and expert brand marketers create captivating videos in minutes. Be it a YouTube promo video, YouTube intro, Facebook ad, Instagram Stories campaign, Shopify promo, or scroll-stopping GIFs – our video creator has it covered. With a suite of tools and customizable templates, you don’t need any previous video creation knowledge or pricey equipment.


Linktree is the best in the business for a simple, linear tool to help you organize, compile, and monitor personal ties. Beginning with limitless links in its free edition it is a great solution for those looking to gather their clickables in one place. Plus, tracking in the advanced version is especially helpful in the material you are trying to check your commitment on by A / B. I love the data personally and make adjustments based on what I see. For instance, if one of my articles gets more clicks I put it on my Linktree feed higher.


A new app launched for Instagram by SproutSocial, Landscape can help you resize any and all of your images to a comfortable scale. While many of us think it’s an easy job to crop stuff down, you’d be shocked how much content people are forbidding themselves from capturing because they don’t think it’s going to match Instagram, or they’ve taken a flick and it doesn’t suit. Instead, Landscape solves the issue by shifting actions to help more people openly build content. However, its easy click-and-drag method is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to get the job done better and quicker than doing manually.

AR Filters

Finally, AR filters are a phenomenon that doesn’t seem to slow down, encouraging people to do anything, from taking quizzes to wearing masks and even playing games. For AR filters, the possibilities developers were exploring were infinite, rotating through with new immersive and engaging content almost every week. Your AR filter could potentially go viral with the right idea.

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