Five ways UX Design can help your Online Business

Online Business
Online Business
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In today’s competitive business environment, keeping a digital presence is essential for any organization. Be it an online business or a retail shop, and you cannot ignore the importance of digital marketing.

Especially in times like the COVID:19 pandemic, which has affected the world economy, there is a dire need for the businesses to incorporate User-centered designs in their online websites. If the website has an excellent UX design, then customer satisfaction will also increase. Hence, resulting in sales for the business. It is all about the way users feel when they come to your website and what they perceive from your website. What do they know about your website and your brand and whether they will go back to it or not? A website that doesn’t give much thought to the user experience that they are offering to their customers will not be profitable in the long run. Without UX optimization, most of the websites end up losing customers, and the websites that do have some viewer traffic, confuse the viewers.

Is there something that we can do to improve our website’s UX? There are lots of things that we can do for this purpose. A lot of businesses get their websites online without thinking about optimization. All they want is a digital presence so that they can have a single platform to bring all their customers to. The fact is that a website is so much more than just a bunch of elements thrown together haphazardly or in any random arrangement. When businesses give importance to UX, they increase their sales, and they get customers who are more interested in what the brands have to offer, they increase brand loyalty as well as brand reach.

Here are some of the ways that you can upgrade or update your website’s UX to help your online business thrive:

1.    Improving the On-Page Experience

One thing that irritates and confuse the readers is when they land on a web page and don’t see the content that they were supposed to from that website. Without a proper UX strategy, there are good chances that it will happen. No matter where your business is, you can efficiently work with a digital media agency to enhance your website’s UX/UI. For example, if you are living in Australia, you can work with a UX agency in Sydney to ensure that your website is user-friendly and delivers its information effectively to its users.

Additionally, when the visitors of a website see a dead screen, they immediately lose the interest that the ad copy had developed in them. People don’t want to see hefty content that doesn’t have a particular message. What your website needs is to give the kind of the first impression that will impress the visitors and convince them to become a customer. That could include having a bright and inviting background, a background video that captures their attention, a mouse-over animation that appeals to them.

2.    Avoid Information Overload

Usually, most people believe that having lots of content on your website and pages is a good thing. But the opposite is exact. Having a ton of content can confuse a person or irritate them. That is a typical information overload scenario. With users’ attention spans getting smaller and smaller, we have to make sure that we don’t bore our visitors. If they get bored, they will start skipping different sections of the website. The best thing to do is to use concise words and describe our products/services or brands in a precise way. Always prefer content quality over quantity.

3.    Always Have Live Chat

Live chats are becoming more critical with each passing day. The reason is that everyone nowadays wants personalized experiences. They want to be taken care of immediately. A live chat addition to your website can help you cater to your customers’ needs on the spot. It will increase your lead capture rate exponentially. In the beginning, people used to email brands and companies for their queries and complaints. Now, they expect an excellent brand to have a live chat option so that they can contact them right there and then.

4.    Include Micro Animations

Video is the most preferred means of input for most people. You can add to the UX of your website by adding micro animations wherever you think customers will need them. They can give better explanations than words, and they also make the interaction more pleasing and engaging. These and other small details have a significant impact on your UX and your rate of conversion and your sales.

5.    Keep Them Guessing

Nobody wants a dull experience on any website. When you design all your pages in the same way, it gets boring and monotonous. That is why it is a good practice to change your layout a little bit on all your pages. You can come up with different variations of the same design so that you can implement them on different pages. Just make sure that you don’t change too much, or every page will start looking like a different website.


Improving your website’s UX is always a great way to increase your business and enhance brand reach and visibility.  Customers are the most valuable assets for any company and making sure that they get what they want is our number one priority. With an improved UX, you can cater to your customers better. Moreover, you can understand the problems they are facing and resolve them more efficiently.

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